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  • 00:00: so hello everyone now we will handle concrete floor near liquid glass and the floor is filled with mortar brand m 200 Well, let's just say not so much but still will fall
  • 00:39: will be well and for every case for strength and for waterproofing sex I will cover with liquid glass in general, it will not be worse for yesterday he places you see here by the way here he saws Is it stronger but it's me made a solution of 1 v2 cement and sand and holes by rubbing more or less well of course not all something
  • 01:09: that's where I forgot the truth remained can then somehow the bay sense for zamazhu I do not I think that they strongly prevent me lighthouses did not pull t-shirts I became raging it is unreal because it pulls there already so good for the tramp they the only thing can it cut them out from there, well, damn yesterday slightly lost
  • 01:39: then from logging in by the way, here's the hillock who was chopped down there the streets lie pieces bureau and also covered solution made now look for a clean flat out into the street unity with the gate now it is necessary that that to do something to me thought up how to back I can prolong them I will change but it's not
  • 02:10: Soon it may still end summer I will do something with gate will be such a gap certainly daughter if go from there will be forget the damp all is such a taip or from there blows out most likely all but for now we cover the floor with liquid glass in general please see as I do are
  • 02:42: this as natural and don as if so the camera she melts so that she does not crashed okay i went quarters black diluted and create still heard cement I looked like vitalka also covered with glass
  • 03:14: so when he spoke in cement liquid and pores are all so quickly in stiffened which oak just bones who is free when you are just just the same brush and get purposely liquid if so rub it will be fine put Yes, just look it's right from here
  • 03:44: not enough for even if it remains this piece
  • 05:03: Glazed but dry let's see I think it will be nice maybe even a second time and do not have to maybe because consumption not diluting decent such on liters 5 I thought spent if not half she is not half and she will be here slightly visible yes because it was so far
  • 05:33: somewhere around one third one third from 15 one third this just 5 okay 566 half say was spent now here it is necessary here this remove Sweep and also to glaze the glazing and you broke up
  • 06:04: most liquid glass across causing more stay here among how many
  • 08:18: there are still three minutes empty for three minutes she is a regiment share she immediately all absorbed then heavily the gates smudge on a brush are obtained in
  • 08:48: brush is not smear the sleepy chuk more fast pills from greed dad malice nitsche
  • 09:22: pour straight so I do not know a corner it is necessary here will seem good all fell half a minute remained finished
  • 09:52: it works out so well there I was, and the same dried out slightly here it is already on her dried up Well, almost no longer there is nothing to stick around here here only straps sticking and here already he absorbed it already bald spot type dried up now nalyu that there was no sleep we
  • 10:28: we remain a fence morning beam liman it's nonsense to shave a cat new day new life took hold of lost miss you love you come back do you want marry you want them will be