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  • 00:00: good afternoon today we will consider pruning peach means peach different from apple trees pear in that he fructifies on 1 li wood here fruit buds of the wiki this is an annual a gain on it fruit buds on two-year only sleeping kidneys especially on
  • 00:30: that is, a three-year if I had been in the past the year did not cut off and then a last year shortened the one-year growth and it grew 2 annual for the place loaded with a crop then there is one year escapes kidneys are formed and flowering buds are formed that is, this fruit shoots
  • 01:01: bersik well before all we planned that or other formation in In this case I I thought to a friend 3 skeletal branches 1 2 and 3 in the first tier and in the second tier 200 about twelve years old I approach skeletal twigs choose an escape the continuation is he
  • 01:31: the one that I want somewhere where I should iti branch here it is here this is my escape continuation and kidney where do I want to go here is this kidney I want so that yaroslav side of us and everything the rest I am with I subordinate here translated on this twig and here this escape me continuation of this skeleton branch now what do I do
  • 02:02: here with this one-year increase you see here along the entire length skeleton branches are annual increase and you are very good start i make a bitch substitution ie return one year increase more powerful I return back to knot so that me here again appeared annual increase
  • 02:32: Here I return the form and these twigs are me leave intact for fruiting look in the past was a cut and gave it two times three 4 5 annual increase he is all loaded
  • 03:02: These crops are here I I choose in this skeletal branches here here is the escape continuation of this twig this here it is mean me the rest are more powerful I'm returning backward but since here little annual increase you can see here already on periphery comes I harvest it
  • 03:32: I return back and here it returns but these little twigs they will all be wind loaded with arms peach right here here here here there will be an increase annual here then there is this as in grapes mote substitution of both grapes the same with this the skeletal is abruptly
  • 04:03: escape me continuation here's the barrel where I want to go so that it grows and do a bitch substitution here are 1 of 2 3 all the bitch substitution in This case branch if we chose this skeletal and here is the escape
  • 04:33: continue this the branch is generally superfluous we srezh hacksaw and in its place will grow again annual the growth is what we need a branch here do not be afraid of excess such here also here will grow one-year growth It's good here we have an escape continue looking
  • 05:03: what reaction was young contacted one-year development but it long course you can was shorter and grew us two fruit twigs fruit that a crop can be planted I chose this one climbaway to know this is necessary with obey him I return back but I want this
  • 05:33: the branch grew here here the harvest is here well, well, it's from illnesses you see It is necessary to clean or remove but I again I do not say Be careful not to shorten Peach if you do not have will be like this one-year increment you simply will not have material than
  • 06:03: work for you will be deer crop switch to periphery from the center will bald round whether mother and in this the case here is Rosh annual growth you can work with him here I am doing two bugs it will be replaced by us up central conductor and this is there will be a second tier chicken coop these summer she removes the sick and
  • 06:36: simultaneously return back this will be The skeleton leads to second tier here you need to remove this tree is circumcised but if you want get a large peach here we have already done touched a knot substitution
  • 07:08: We have done but if they want to get a large peach there and so on then you can here shorten the tips understand because the main the harvest is the center victory is therefore why you can somewhere in one third shortened in so here the fruit fruit so to say escape which is strong long because he will be loaded with a crop
  • 07:38: will drop strongly there is no basic the harvest is dressed for center you can on one third and shortened but if you do not do nothing the worst thing is that you did a bitch replacement of moats and dior elite 3 kids and yes second time two three times skeletal years but here here it is necessary to make knot of substitution ready-made link it turned out like grapes Here is a bitch replacement with which will grow annual increase
  • 08:08: and a fruit shoot on next year we this a fruity shoot back on the knot of substitution a of these two will express again we will make a knot of substitution and fruit arrow thus the crown compact and laid annual fruit wood