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  • 00:00: Hello Hello everyone Welcome to the channel the green planet in this video will tell about growing figs as there is much many nuances and subtleties everyone thinks that very much it is difficult to grow it not everything is so sad if respected certain rules then no problem figs can be grown in our harsh climate in general, figs endure frosts down to minus 20 a this means that even I live a little bit south of absolute most of my subscribers do not care
  • 00:30: it is necessary for the winter duck grapes and shelter because he died out no, this is the most important thing condition before we need to land do a little bit of work dig a hole if you live in a very severe climate if you have frosts for 30 then you need to dig up planting hole up to one and a half meters in the depth of a half meter we fall asleep back return top soil layer plus humus 50 to 50 mix and planted seedlings then
  • 01:00: do you have them will be obtained in fossa per meter below soil level further we form here are the bushes like me who bend over further I will show you in early spring as looks bushes iv you everything is fine you will understand from me a little warmer i I pit a little less than a meter missing half a meter we return the land planted and figs then there is half a meter below the level land and on the sides
  • 01:30: poured mounds that figs are well ripened he needs a lot sun and good watering yourself in subtropics he gives three crops in our harsh climate get the maximum one crop so that so that you know understood by the autumn you there will be only one harvest in order to figs but was dusty in his he pollinates about themselves last of a gummy since we have such insects do not live
  • 02:00: some small insects sometimes coping with function of pollination well hope so especially not well you need disembark parthenocarpic sorts of such starts the benefit is already very much for a harsh climate that is what is parthenocarpy variety is a variety that forms a raft without pollination mom dad brand in itself forms a berry it parthenocarpic so called virgin pollination we necessarily take such varieties and you
  • 02:31: will be with good the harvest is several ideal varieties of this date or magarach suits already there are varieties which without problems grow in a harsh climate is imperative after landing abound water and be sure planted on the very south side you have a southern yogi should be necessarily open to sun and if you have there is the possibility of three other parties so that there any buildings
  • 03:01: or powerful trees to protect the fig and thus turned out additional warm microclimate it will be very very well figs we are planted in a hole water abundantly you were underfeeding watered be abundant and every ten days because the more irrigation, the larger and tastes better berry figs very demanding watering for top dressing mg every 15 years be sure fed from
  • 03:31: early spring beginning May necessarily give implements nitric to build large green mass further in the middle of summer at the end we turn on potash top dressing as is done by nitric acid how is potash made top-dressing I repeatedly told on the channel who is interested come see all business and only with using organic Feeding nitrogen on this we have fermented herbal poison potassium infusion is wood ash as everything is done
  • 04:01: look at the channel certainly do landing that is deepen for the winter there are arcs in the end September these two whose varieties I talked to give you harvest as soon as the temperature drops to a plus 2 3 at night required set arcs and cover with cover material it can to be an oilcloth is can be any the fiber is the most important create a microclimate to make figs in no way case you do not freeze to -20 he takes out without
  • 04:31: problems all over -20 this is already bad because we plant it a little below ground level in mostly even in severe climate soil it freezes by 30-40 sometimes up to a meter how do you make arcs on which stretched oilcloth plus half a meter from you to the soil level so the figs no problem with you survive the winter and well run in growth in the spring before in the spring in the end of April
  • 05:01: early May we open the same way we stretch an oilcloth the best are not remove because return frosts can strongly damage plants early spring she starts starts green the mass is in no way case can not be to miss, if so for the winter we will admit some places torn film and renew to in spring in no way case not under the surf your figs and you will be with good harvest this we grow figs in the harsh climate of the trench in which we plant
  • 05:32: figs required must be is directed west to east to the maximum take the sun the southern side was cohen fat and then you are all well will get the depth of i already spoke one and a half meter in depth if y you are very cold and and meter if more or less warm climate like me in Dnepropetrovsk region of ukraine Trench width 1 meter this is enough with head to good your figs hibernated and not I died out at the bottom of the hall already
  • 06:03: talked back soil with humus in shuffle that is if you dig meter yamutu half a meter we fill humus with soil 50 to 50 can be even give a little wood ash but this not necessary we plant seedlings they should be slightly below the level So, well, and pruning shown in the video we are cant children roll out young couple with everything fruit buds are on a young grew up because we
  • 06:33: be sure pinch branches who tipped and somewhere on the level meter and a half too pinch the young twigs are stimulates additional education peduncles to whom liked to put thumbs up subscribe to channel thanks to all meetings