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  • 00:00: hello friends today i will share my thoughts about how to make tension roller sloth in different ways, as it were is called everywhere that is not to go to for example in the car market something to look for Appropriate and then under it as it were all namely customized else to do exactly what you need that is, I have a couple of thoughts I I'll share with you my husband now tight lazy taxis here approximately this diameter under the tape about this diameter and approximately
  • 00:30: such a long almost even very suitable under the lines turns out to me you need to make it for a tape grinding machine that is, it will be my stretch worker taxis, I want to glue it together in general and bearings bearing its apple here here they appropriately planted its newest and the roller will rotate tension without the most important thing to do exactly
  • 01:03: the layout in this is here I am already so how to figure it out beforehand is obtained you need to first persuade this and that's it. it started here such a driver that is, these are two notes that are not not pieces corpse is a pvc clutch preferably on the plain
  • 01:55: and how after this minute to make the second from this side it turns out and somehow always get nayvaetsya
  • 02:25: [applause] in principle, if someone can breadth
  • 02:55: you can do it like this here Insert bearings from both sides I need a tire after we've glued it together in a pair that is one from here adwords and hit her on the topic here is this point here The second coupler in the pair glued together now to us already and the side to try on the plain and 3 for and as it were stickers with this strange Well, either take one for example but cut it so smoothly that we
  • 03:26: It turned out to be such a hole with one side here hence no trace of the side that same there was her such that as bacho so at us turned papa asshole just usually Now we need to do this with us 2 bearing is not one respectively 2 they can now stand inside well so that more or less to center it on such a thread Screw in two nuts and when
  • 03:56: we are here to melt the god to insert here here more or less you can be centered even through the bearing centering more or less make it more or less flat, and to fuse it inwards there is obtained and then this side To catch that more or less was with the center buns if on 12 I took 12 would be like mercilessly our party is ready and the second see which
  • 04:28: I think so straighten straight captain don tur and then take the water here he tightens the nut, respectively Show it and shoulder twist sharply so that she drowned there like this
  • 05:00: it turns out you see again and it is more or less exactly turns out now we need it how could I offer them this way to put a drill with a chisel to pass it, here I am luck mounted a fox that is, you can watch this video I saw, for example, only a suitable there I am on the engine and a bit that map corel and here I'm on a drill put
  • 05:30: Drill principles clamps here you can This is not necessarily from Kiev to a framework for such a planet to make the main thing that was under for a cutter and under our The need is exactly what is needed tension roller eyes so that to them that link weaken for my needs simply Ideally, too, it turns the steering wheel turns and two bearings now well a little bit of it so still so here a little bit level
  • 06:01: Here is the final result of our video is not Of course, of course we still base a bit and hang it fuck we have a tape grinding machine principle even even some smells aesthetics there is a minimum of costs here around 200 rubles from the tent you turned out exactly what you need for my ribbon grinding machine which I will do
  • 06:31: and lay out a video with her that's portable and so for such a role somewhere if it is would have found not even what you need One and a half and a half would definitely hand over two calves bearing 150 and a shelf for a platypus together with thread now put it so it hangs on two legs great movie