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  • 00:00: Hello esteemed dacha and gardeners lovers my name is Tatyana I greet you on the channel is to each and today it will be oh mh these are exactly how sunlight and a haircut forms it plant and also I I will show you boxwood that grow on our site there I will show a few types of haircuts with using a pruner with using a brush cutter here is our handsome boy the ball is hard to believe that a few more years
  • 00:31: back he was shapeless with bald spots plants he was about 25 centimeters and totaled a few twigs now it's a seven-year plant he was originally planted in the floor a shady flowerbed and already one year ago was transplanted to this sunny place what the same main conditions to create such a correct
  • 01:02: spherical shape is watering of top dressing sunlight is needed get a lack of neighbors around and you can still do To the plant of souls we will form this bush I want from him to make a ball and so now I will maximally remove Will work impart Well, something like ball in order to further went increase and already this
  • 01:33: form all we had more rounded [music] forming pruning It is necessary to begin when the plant will reach the desired height here as in my case and ball is one of the most natural and beautiful forms and at first it seems that there is nothing complicated but the difficulties still
  • 02:03: there are problems in the that it is not rivers of it Templates will not help you create a ball since the plants are all Time will be with you ie increase or you are constantly must change the template or in another case rely on your eye and little by little create such a globular shape here so i got it
  • 02:40: it is difficult I do not want a ball cut more because the haircut It is stress for plants tried every cut the twig so will gradually form the year for year bead now I I will do a haircut boxwood shaped ball and the ball goes smoothly in a small hedge tool such brush cutter with nozzle she goes for the grass well
  • 03:10: in principle, suitable and for the hedge it is mine likes more than anything Here such nozzle and I will already be a secateur equal down and hard-to-reach he places us too it will take take off the twigs amount everything was covered with a cloth all that flies all the foliage and then its quickly collected especially the ball
  • 03:40: I take out a strip queue is not then on this strip level the tank of doing first black haircut then with the help of already another attachment we will see align boxman which I cut my hair called the axle ssu fruticosa is one of the the most
  • 04:11: disseminated in Europe and we have ukraine types of boxwood he is distinguished by a good density has smaller sheet to two centimeters grows slowly and compact upstairs and he is used for low compositions up to 50 centimeters he's also very good will look tubs or in zones so how is he like this here stunted others types of boxwood
  • 04:43: they are more stalwart here eg axle forever he also has green us on the site form the cone he already leaves before three centimeters he has a more friable bush has fruit they box mature in August and this plant is a honey plant care for different types of boxwood the same I am the same I look after all therefore what I tell and
  • 05:13: show applies to all types of boxwood they made a rough cut haircut after rough should be very good bush go to work to grow branchlets now look where to us
  • 05:43: I still need correct a now proceed to adjustments the haircut we made brush cutter now see below these branches we are shoot with a pruner so on a circle I go and all
  • 06:13: what gets out for contours ball for visual contours we are all We also remove there are such holes ki te is desirable here here, too, you are so came the bunch went already too a gain gradually I will close do a haircut here
  • 06:43: this little fence brush cutter with such a nozzle 18 centimeters and down I will shoot pruning principle hairstyles from the garages shoot top that she was flat until from this side and so long as the front proceed haircut box usually with April to September in depending on
  • 07:14: climatic zone that's the haircut box fence it is produced quite often so how even insignificant crown correction she affects speed growth and density leaves but if you have hedge only planted then you her mow at once and in about three weeks already plant to take root for this period and
  • 07:44: shears and roughly one second one the third bush this in order to there was a good increase and the crown was thick and lush and so are you repeat on throughout active growth, that is, with April to September but not less than 1 time in month and then you the hedge will be really very good very thick
  • 08:14: and dense not forget that boxwood this is a poisonous plant therefore, observe at a hairstyle all measures security and forget to wash your hands with soap will be came out of the city from all sides I have it I'll show you taking into account the fact that here bushes grow a year, then formed I'm already fine here there is only here still should be adjusted that is, do slices
  • 08:45: so that in the future show 3 times and this here is the gap after haircuts must pour abundantly plants and feed as she suffered stress but I say goodbye to you to new meetings on our channel to all till