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Fast Cutlets from Cabbage, Very Juicy and Tasty | Lenten Cabbage Cutlets, English Subtitles  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone! This is "Cooking's Easy" channel and me, Olga Matvey. Today we are going to cook lean cutlets. There'a a wide variety of such cutlets, they all are very different. Today we'll cook cabbage lean cutlets. They are very tasty. We'll add some potatoes there... In a word, it's a tasty dish and the most important thing is that they are pretty juicy. Let's get started! Let me remind you that I use Samura knives,
  • 00:37: and my subscribers get a discount of 20%, the promo code is 'Olga Matvey', see the link below the video. First of all let's prepare the cabbage. I've got one head here, I've cut it, and here's another half of head. So that's one and a half of cabbage head. Shred the cabbage into small pieces. You can do it with a knife or with such a slaw cutter - it depends on your preferences. Just make sure it's fine, because if it's coarsely chopped, how are you going to cut it afterwards? I don't mince it,
  • 01:09: as it's more juicy when the cabbage is shreded. You don't need to either salt or knead it, nothing for now. I take a big pan and transfer the cabbage there and pour it with boiling water. The cabbage must be totally covered with the boiling water. As soon as the water started boiling, pour it at once. It took me 2 kettles of water. Now I take a lid, cover the pan and leave it for 60 to 90 minutes.
  • 01:40: You shouldn't warm it up - just leave it on the table or on the stove like that. We'll also need 2 large onions (if they are small, take some more) and 2-3 potatoes. Let's start with the onions. We'll chop them up in semicircles, the thinner the better. If the onions are large, I cut them like that and only then chop them up. One hour has passed. The cabbage has got softer,
  • 02:13: but still not soft enough to make stuffing of it. We'll need a colander to remove the water. Now take your biggest frying pan. Let's pour here some sunflower oil and then put our cabbage on it. No salt, no spices for now. I'll cover it with a lip. Slightly fried cabbage is tasty. You need to pour some sunflower oil on the bottom.
  • 02:44: The cabbage is going to give away all its moisture, it'll shrink and get soft. Now I'm setting a high temperature mode and cover it with a lip, but later I'll set the lower one. I'll stir it up for several times. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Together with the cabbage, we take another frying pan and also pour there some sunflower oil. Transfer here the chopped onions.
  • 03:14: The onion is not supposed to get golden brown, but it also has to get soft. Actually our task is to make the onion and the cabbage soft. No spices. As soon as it gets soft, stop frying it. The onion is soft now. Look, it's fully soft but not fried - it's the main thing. Put away the onion and leave it. The cabbage is still being fried.
  • 03:45: Its volume has reduced, there's lots of moisture here. I'm waiting for the juice to disappear. The cabbage must get even softer than now, it's rather soft, and then we'll cook the stuffing. The potatoes are to be grated - not so fine, but coarser one. Make sure the potatoes are raw, you don't need to boil them.
  • 04:18: Transfer the grated potatoes into a big pan where we will mix up all the products and squeeze some garlic here. I took a head of garlic, because we enjoy having dishes with a strong garlic taste, but it's up to you how much garlic to use. I recommend to add at least 2 cloves. Now I'm squeezing it. Add here the onion. It's got colder, it's not so hot now. Now we need some greenery.
  • 04:49: I use the frozen dill as it's not in season now, but you can add the fresh one. So I'm adding the dill here. The amount of it is up to you. I've stirred everything up. I don't add any other greenery. But you can add also green onion, if you like it and if it's in season. Now I will need the cabbage. Do not add all the cabbage at once. Visually divide it into 3 parts and put the first part, stir, then another part and stir again...
  • 05:20: When you start stirring, the cabbage is hot, I use it at once after I stop frying it, and the garlic starts smelling immediately. Such a pleasant smell. Now I'm adding the remaining cabbage. Of course, the cabbage is still wetty, but not too much. When I've finished stirring everything up, but the mass is still hot, I take semolina. It's used instead of eggs to make the mass keep its shape. So I add semolina here, and due to the mass is still hot, the semolina will swell now
  • 05:53: absorbing all the moisture. The most important thing here is not to overdo. I've got here about 5 or 6 tablespoons of semolina, but it can take less. It's difficult to define how much semolina you'll need exactly because the cabbage can be different: some is dry, another is juicy. And it impacts the amount of semolina. Maybe, you'll need only 3 tablespoons of it to absorb all the moisture.
  • 06:24: First I added about 4 tablespoons and mixed it up, now I'm going to add spices, and semolina will be swelling meanwhile. I'll add the rest of semolina at the end if needed. Now I need to salt it abundantly. When we were chopping the cabbage, I didn't add either salt or spices, that's why you can add some salt when you pour it with boiling water. Then it'll absorb the salt and it'll need less salt at the end. But I salt it at this stage, together with spices and try at once if I like the taste or no.
  • 06:57: As for spices, I use only pepper. Here I have a mixture of peppers. And nothing else. But it depends on your taste, so you can add some other spices. And no more greenery. As for me, dill is enough. Now it's time to taste it for salt and pepper to make sure your cabbage is tasty,
  • 07:27: and it influences the taste of your cutlets. I've tasted it. Now let's take flour. I'm adding some flour and mix it up carefully. It took me 1 glass of flour or 130 grams (4.5 oz). How will you know that semolina and flour is enough? Take the so called stuffing and try to make a cutlet of it. I do it by hands.
  • 07:58: If you press it slightly, you'll see how wet it is. Look, it keeps its shape very well. Here's the cutlet. Some people mince it. Now I'll tell you what I think about it. But it's just my opinion based on my family's preferences. When you mince everything, of course it's much faster, the cutlets are smooth and easily shaped, just fry and that's all, but they will take more semolina,
  • 08:29: because they'll bring more juice. And such cutlets won't be so juicy as these ones where we cut everything. It's like in my homemade sausages: the ones from the mincemeat are drier than those ones from the cut meat which are more juicy. Here's the same thing.
  • 08:59: But it's just my opinion and my family's tastes. The cutlets can be fried in 4 different ways. First: with no coating, just form the cutlet and fry it. Another ways: sop the cutlet in semolina, or in breadcrumbs or in flour. I'll fry the 4 different cutlets for you to see the difference: this one is in flour, this one is plain, this one is in breadcrumbs, and this one is in semolina. They are fried at a medium temperature.
  • 09:31: Now I'll show you how they look like and share my opinion. All these 4 ways are widely used. So look, this one is in semolina, this one is in flour, this one is in breadcrumbs, and this one is plain. The one in flour and the plain one are almost the same. The one in flour can be a bit more golden-colored, but I see no reason to sop it in flour one more time, I mean there's almost no difference. I don't really like the one in semolina because it's grainy,
  • 10:02: but that's just about my taste. I'll show you how they look on the inside when they are ready. They don't take much time to fry. In fact, they just need heat treatment on both sides until they are of golden color. And that's it. I'd like to mention that they keep their shape very well, they don't crumble, though they don't contain eggs. Ok, let's start with a cutlet in breadcrumbs. Here's what it looks like on the inside.
  • 10:33: How juicy it is! And so crusty. To my mind, the cutlets in breadcrumbs are the most attractive. I'm tasting the first cutlet. It's hot! Look at its structure: moist, juicy. I like it. They taste like draniks or even like zrazas, because they contain potatoes.
  • 11:05: Very tasty lean cutlets. Sometimes I cook them not because of fast, but just because they are tasty! Now I'm going to try the cutlet with flour and plain one. With flour. Almost no difference, but my husband really likes them due to the cabbage flavor. He likes everything cooked with cabbage, and here its taste is really enhanced.
  • 11:39: So if you like golubtsy, for instance, you will love these cutlets. There is one more cutlet, in semolina. It doesn't look pretty good because it's grainy. Some people sop first in semolina, then in flour, or vice versa... I don't remember. Flour brings it color, and semolina brings shape. By the way, all of our cutlets keep shape very well. I'll try the one with semolina.
  • 12:11: Very hot cutlets. The cutlet with semolina is also very tasty. I just don't like how it looks on top, but in general it's tasty. My husband likes all the variants, so I usually fry in 2 ways: plain and in breadcrumbs. If there are no breadcrumbs, I use semolina. No semolina - then in flour. No flour - then plain. But today I'll cook all 4 variants, because Dima likes all of them,
  • 12:41: especially plain one. So, we've got such 4 variants of cutlets, the prettiest ones are in breadcrumbs. I mean if you want to serve them in an attractive way, use this coating. I'd also like to comment the stuffing that we've cooked. If you don't add flour here, and you don't need a fast dish, you can put it all in a pie,
  • 13:11: and it will taste good with semolina too, as in the onion pie we've cooked before. You can put it all inside patties as well, it's going to be tasty too. Or you can just cook it in the frying pan without flour, and you'll also like that flavor. And some cheese will enhance the flavor so much more! You can use more onions than me. In a word, it's a matter of taste, feel free to experiment. But it is tasty indeed. I would never say that a cabbage can taste like that. Amazing!
  • 13:43: So this is what lean cutlets we've cooked today. Cook them in all 4 ways, define which one you like most, but make sure you cook them. Thank you for being with me today. Like this video, subscribe to my channel. Bye!