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I will show you very cool way in this video how to get rid of a fungus of nails. A fungus of nails (onikhomikoz) – the most widespread disease, at kotoro...  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon on favorite viewers today i want you show how get rid of the fungus Nails on legs for this we the usual laundry soap take the most that neither there are real in our time shops I do not once stumbled upon is that is it is not a forgery this is not laundry soap
  • 00:30: mixture of something incomprehensible therefore real smelly is she must still be and also we need essential oil of tea its tree can be buy at a pharmacy in our pharmacies here such here packing cost 70 rubles also we need water what do we give proceed friends if you have not already are subscribed to my channel advise subscribe after signed not forget to click on bell notify of an exit new videos also we need grater and basin where you will steam out
  • 01:01: feet and first thing I economical soap basin where I will make the most mixture in order to to steam up one's legs somewhere half a watt a piece can even be one third enough with a vengeance after soap prepared we need will pour water such a temperature
  • 01:31: so that it comfortable for the feet is not too hot not too cold then is to immerse our legs were what they were it is comfortable for them enjoyed it we We split this procedure should do 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening course of treatment should be at least 2 months old and after the first procedures you feel incredible relief that is, you have a fungus
  • 02:01: will not I hold hot baths feet about 20 minutes this is enough just for this one application per procedure is available due to Soap can see I still have was not dissolved in the process of how I I'm sitting just moving She has my legs and dissolves and at the same time such a small massage the legs very pleasant procedure nothing like that here
  • 02:31: no, it starts to walk but we told you already choose good now very much forgery after I supported spoons of salt in this solution I washed and dried now we will do the following procedure already with essential oil tea tree take tea and oil tea tree and also we need cotton swabs and Now we need
  • 03:02: help of cotton buds and oil to process affected places where you have a fungus in the mostly it happens why is it at least I was here on these little ones fingers and processing [music] all thanks to all for
  • 03:34: attention I hope you will get you this method will help if in fact you have a fungus nails all bye bye [music]