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Бисквитный торт-суфле с виноградом

Бисквитный торт-суфле с виноградом  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, welcome to my channel today's video I share a recipe grape cake delicate and light cake moderately sweet first that is felt in He so is a cream he has a taste of a filling the impression is that it's ice cream grapes gives him a sour cake is suitable for any holiday on any table for a biscuit I need 90 grams of flour 3 chicken eggs 20 grams corn or potato starch
  • 00:31: 90 grams of sugar a teaspoon floor baking powder for dough and a little bit vanillin start with the test bake a biscuit we will a detachable shape with a diameter of 20 centimeters we need to prepare it it is necessary to close its bottom and sides paper for baking [music] flour pour out the starch mix and sift add the disintegrant and mix
  • 01:08: in order for it to spread out well flour while we set aside Eggs place a dry clean mixer bowl and beat to a homogeneous lush state of The eggs were beaten and now we are small in portions we will pour sugar into them add vanillin [music] whisk will be about 3 minutes [music]
  • 01:43: pour the sifted flour with baking powder and quickly knead the homogeneous dough long do not need about 10 seconds will be enough Preheat the oven to 170 180 degrees the dough turns out this kind of consistency it is quite a liquid ready-made dough we pour the prepared form and
  • 02:14: we send in the oven for 30 or 35 minutes since the oven is all different orient yourself on your bake until sample on a dry scales stick and stick like this in the center of a biscuit she must go out dry and clean [music] remove the form and remove the paper for baking [music] now we need a good sponge cake
  • 02:50: I cooked it the night before wrapped in food film and took on night in the fridge for this time sponge cake It is compacted and it will be easier to cut it because I want to make biscuits have turned out thin biscuit I will cut into 3 parts and in the recipe I will use only the two lower and I will not use the top now we will prepare vanilla soufflé
  • 03:24: for him we take 500 milliliters of milk 140 grams of sugar 60 milliliters of water 1 egg 30 grams of starch 17 grams of gelatin and one packet of vanilla sugar this is 8 grams and 500 milliliters of cream Thirty-five percent fat content gelatine pour cold boiled water and leave it for swelling according to the instructions on the I gelatin is instantly soluble therefore
  • 03:54: leave it to swell for not even I need to mix it thoroughly and while I I will put aside a small saucepan pour in milk pour sugar on vanilla sugar stir we move to the plate and put on medium fire then you need to mix the egg with the starch stir well with a whisk
  • 04:27: kind in the state As soon as the milk boils we take it off fire and add part of the prepared egg with starch mix and then this mixture return it back to the pan again put on fire and cook until thickening the cream will thicken very quickly when
  • 04:57: constant stirring gradually you will notice that the custard becomes thicker and denser by consistency he must on thickened milk can be a little slightly denser if we take a spoon and hold it like this finger after this will remain and not spreads hot cream pouring bowl
  • 05:27: add swollen gelatin and stir until uniform cover it with food film, put it directly to the surface in order for it not crust was formed and now We need to cool this custard base to room temperature cake decoration we will use grape take about 400 grams Grapes can be taken in any color the main thing is that it was not very small for easy and fast
  • 05:59: decorate them with a cake of grapes we wash and each grapes cut in half we will be a confectioner ring I installed a diameter of 21 centimeters but it is necessary to tighten the film or foil on the sides distribute the acetate film and all this must be put on and even better at once on serving dish on which you will serve cake Mix the dry pure bowl of the mixer chilled cream to strong peaks get our prepared custard
  • 06:40: base of room temperature add in small portions a few receptions custard in whipped cream and neatly mix the spatula to a homogeneous condition and cream is ready but but the prepared form is laid out the first cake between the first cake and the mold lay out halves and reward
  • 07:11: [music] pour out half of the cream on top well level darya on the edge lay the second row grapes can use grapes another color is covered from above by the second biscuit cake and lightly and was crush pour out the second half of the cream and
  • 07:42: we distribute it well dish and clean in the refrigerator for 2 hours then we take him souffle pma lightly grabbed further decorate the cake in its desire [music] and we just had to cover the cake
  • 08:14: clear jelly before him I'll take 11 grams of dry jelly 60 a gram of sugar and 250 milliliters of cold boiled water all mixed and put on Fire [music] with constant stirring I will bring to boiling and then the service [music] cover the cake choose it in refrigerator for another four hours before
  • 08:45: full pouring in order for it Soaked himself and all the layers were frozen even better if you leave this cake on all night in the fridge [music] then we get we remove confectionery ring and filmed film, let's cut a it turned out inside such a cake if you to eat on the second day of cooking
  • 09:17: will be much tastier than in 1 hectare of rye so saturated that it turns out a little damp everything is well frozen The souffle keeps the shape of the cake obtained quite large and heavy of course he not very cheap but it turns out very tasty and satisfying feeling that this is really ice cream try cooking write comments and comments go to my channel subscribe there you will find many interesting and delicious recipes for all good luck and good
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