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  • 00:00: All greetings today as promised I will show recipe marinated cabbage fast cooking I have known this recipe long enough slightly corrected for themselves and so I can safely share this recipe with you cabbage you need finely chop cabbage add carrots and sweet pepper garlic bay leaves and peppercorns to cook marinade in boiling water we add the salt sugar and stir until
  • 00:31: complete dissolution of salt and sugar hot marinade pour into cabbage here we add vegetable oil and vinegar all mixed well cover bowl and leave under the press for 12 hours at room temperature after 12 hours we extract and test cabbage on salt for sugar for me this recipe Ideally I corrected it
  • 01:01: I repeat to put in a jar and we store in a refrigerator such cabbage and little advice if you do not have cabbage juicy make a little more marinade cabbage must be covered I'll wish you all bon appétit please subscribe to my channel and meet in the next video and in the next video we will prepare marinated cabbage with beets