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  • 00:00: on our planet there are many created by nature and sometimes with the help of a person places on so beautiful and amazing that they can not but strike the human imagination [music] Fingal his cave United Kingdom this is a famous sea cave on uninhabited island of Staffa Inner Hebrides popularity cave found because of its surprising appearance of it formed from hexagonal
  • 00:31: basalt columns of educated volcanic lava even in the Paleocene about 66 million years backward the length of the finale of his cave 113 meters and the maximum width of its entrance is 16 and a half meters on The mountain cave is called lamben which can be translated as a cave of melodies really thanks to him like a dome of a vault this place has a unique acoustics whimsically transformed sounds of the surf are given throughout the interior of the cave
  • 01:01: that gives it a resemblance to the gigantic with a miraculous cathedral, a green lake austria a little natural attractions on the planet can boast such versatility as amazing green lake in the Austrian styria autumn and winter along its picturesque shores walk in love couples and in summer the same The shore is enthusiastically surveyed by divers its depth in the winter season is only 1 2 meters with the arrival of
  • 01:31: spring snowy peaks of karst mountains melt and thawed water rushes down into the valley filling green lake volume of water so great that the lake can not to contain it all so that it is flooded turn out to be extensive coastal sites including the municipal park with A lot of benches and places for rest depth of the grunner for the sake of the meltwater increases to 10-12 meters with this the water here is extremely cold, not more than 6 7 degrees Celsius and immaculately transparent but the name of the green lake
  • 02:03: received because it is rich vegetation at the bottom of the lake in the reality is the usual meadow grass shrubs and trees gives the water column an ​​amazing emerald shade of ciudad incanto before spelling ciudad incanto before or enchanted city wonderful park stones near the city of the Cuenca in the middle of the forest there are huge blocks of stone that's a miracle nature was formed as a result of soil erosion under impact of water and winds on
  • 02:33: space in twenty square kilometers scattered extraordinary rock formation of the cave looking at some of the stone figures with difficulty it is believed that they were formed only under influence of the forces of nature and man is not took part in their creations on this An amazing ancient landscape can be see real architectural wonders roman bridge monastery A narrow street between the rocks near the park is even main plaza mayor on which there are large stone mushrooms [music] geyser fly in the desert of black rock
  • 03:05: united states in the northwest of the US state nevada on honest before you can fly see the picturesque geyser it was created accidentally when drilling a well in 1916 year the well existed for several decades but in 1964 hot geothermal the water began to come to the surface it dissolved minerals that began Grow and accumulate creating small The hills eventually formed a tall tower one and a half meter which is still
  • 03:35: continues to grow this way today it is covered with algae and cyanobacteria that makes the geyser truly fantastic view mountain park wilhelm ate Germanium Park Wilhelm Sphere in Kassel one of the largest artificial mountain parks in Europe landgrave egge rural assessment his creation for a total of 18 They laid it down in accordance with the their aesthetic ideas for their will here appeared cascades of fountains
  • 04:05: English landscape park and new palace in the style of classicism on the very high point of the park is a monument Heracles created by the example of the ancient sculptures and have long been the main the symbol of the Vegan park cassel is the largest mountain in Europe park an outstanding monument of landscape architecture and the world's natural park values ​​in 2013 Wilhelm became thirty-eighth German object included in the list of world heritage of this international
  • 04:36: organizations noted it as outstanding monument of the era of European absolutism canyon antelope united states in Arizona is stunning beautiful canyon antelopes huge bizarre shapes in the rocks painted with amazing colors when looking at them it seems that this creation a certain Impressionist artist is An amazing place of course attracts many tourists from all countries wishing to personally admire these
  • 05:06: fascinating paintings such a fantastic education business Mother Nature's hands Thousands of years ago in the Penanas cliffs there was a rift and huge cracks and the wind and water drew the picture carrying away from the canyon the sand in some places sat down in the rocks goes deep into hundreds of meters When the crevices are sunny rays all the space between the rocks brightens by creating feeling that light is coming from inside the canyon Shan tempish to feast deep in
  • 05:39: Amazonian jungle is a river of shana tempish to a length of which only four kilometer feature of this seemingly there is nothing remarkable about the river in that the temperature in it is so high that any living organism that touches and and here risks to be cooked in a cool nobody knows why the temperatures in the tempish to only a few degrees lower boiling point initially scientists assumed that there were probably nearby A volcano is located but its search is not were crowned with success and the nearest volcano
  • 06:09: is too far to be able to boil water in the river this factor makes tempish shan to one of the the most unique places on earth that's all what an unusual place did you like most of all write in comments a Your favorite and the subscription is the best gratitude to us to earn