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  • 00:00: and pancake smell fucking juicy cutlets with cheese from potatoes great option dishes from the simplest lunch products in 1 click we look to all the friends with you Oleg Whether we on the channel find your recipe today we will cook with you very much tasty and fast lunch we need 700 grams of homemade meat on a bulb such an average good two carrots kilo of potatoes There are still ingredients for my favorite sauce and I will later reveal the secret the first thing we do is cut it as we usually cut for roasting very
  • 00:34: convenient by the way guys do not waste time While cutting the onions immediately turn on we add sunflower oil to make it hot and when we were able to build a canter before the cut place yourself the frying pan has heated up already
  • 01:09: there to pour onion and now while he Heats up ours by the way it is not necessary strongly overcook in no event Pass it to transparency so you need to connect now we will grate carrots 2 small carrots will be enough to rub on a large grater of cheese or onions before transparency we add carrots and
  • 01:39: some time, too, should be along with onions to soak a carrot in a frying pan fry fry gently interfere nowhere we run away Stir but do not lose time, loans potatoes cut into arbitrarily not much large is not very small in principle, such Here are rings as normal as it calls Shayevich
  • 02:10: class such an aroma I really like vegetables fried mixture of onion and not carrots we turn off the finished tile now. stuff we will need this whole thing mix but first stuff we will add spices by the way minced and generally nowhere to prevent such use of such gloves salt we add to taste I always by the way it's because someone loves more
  • 02:40: salty and somebody less proverbs I'm on so much minced meat And here 700 grams reminds add dining sense of the tea spoon even without A slide of salt then a little red pepper literally on the tip of a spoon we will have in this or black pepper so the red is a little bit that is how see the red meat really just added that I think that will be enough considering what's looking
  • 03:11: black 2 cloves of good garlic garlic, too, will add flavor and sho you such meat and coriander does not begin it spices given people we have a canopy this thing is very convenient and I'll say right away. that it is important to uncover grains to flavor was more clearly half a teaspoon there will be enough grain opened up such gram frames
  • 03:45: very tasty smells now we add coriander meat and all this thing carrots onions too natural even added all that hot flavored now carefully carefully mix but neat and do not see good Straight stir for what all the flavors carrots onion this coriander red pepper salt is all good good
  • 04:16: intermixed with each other and so in this form it's all a matter stood there was fragrant to us now the most time will have to do the sauce for this remove the gloves The sauce will be based on sour cream rustic such a very tasty little tasty sour cream this 180 grams and ketchup gram 100 maybe a hundred and twenty miles and we need to mix this whole thing 3 cloves of garlic such small
  • 04:46: small necessarily green and dried here basil dill and parsley to taste originally a spoonful of ketchup like me already said, all this is mixed up turning it into a homogeneous mass and a very important point we will need add boiled water here that the Palestinians I was not very liquid that is, if necessary, we add not densely and now I will reimburse it what should be its systems
  • 05:16: here I see what is still a little necessary gins 200 grams in total we have water gone to get here is such a solo wonderful very fragrant greens here everything was mixed perfectly like should be such a hemp roses white-pink here is such a consistency like and liquid liquid thick sauce we put aside the oven on one hundred and eighty degrees, let it be
  • 05:47: Heats up and we meanwhile potatoes enough dense plan that all one was stuffed with potatoes a little bit podsalivaem potatoes so that by taste we have salted lamb meat ketchup also do it does such a round do not have to highlight big big ones very big here such beautiful balls are pretty
  • 06:19: we seal that they do not fall apart Our did not add the eggs you remember carefully we dump the flour and put our tank and so on while mincemeat all will not end laid out meatballs and neatly between them as the atlas work enough to 1 passed the potatoes here this here then there is she that fancies enough in general
  • 06:49: the remained potato somehow so time have concentrated that here it is possible to add and now all this beauty is neat pour the sauce evenly so that everywhere penetrated beauty purchase from us sucking is enough so laid out here is such a beauty here
  • 07:21: we got it right now, too sprinkle a little to taste salt potatoes here and black pepper polka dots oven with us you top up already included he understands the word remove it all here in this here in the form of spirits until our super dish is cooked we will lose time to take the cheese somewhere around 50 grams of hard grade steel it is better not to take it on a small grater
  • 07:52: natrem and by the way very important moment for you and for us please deliver then did not forget about the thank you who forgot delivery write a good comment and many ask how to find your recipe very simple in any search engine write add your recipe who would like to see from necessarily immediately drops out friends we stream live It is postponed to Saturday there are such thoughts move because some people write you will give us convenient it would be on Saturday please write as you are it is more convenient to come Sunday also from 3
  • 08:24: hours in Moscow or still on Saturday this information is very important to us and who does not subscribed to the channel subscribe link to the principle of self our potato was ready for about forty minutes friends note that the ovens have everyone is different, the most important is that the potato was soft it says that everything the dish is ready now is time to sprinkle cheese and let stand when turned off oven our dish for another ten minutes juicy baked cutlets with son oven with potatoes great option dishes from the simplest lunch products in
  • 08:55: 1 click a pancake smell fucking now try it at last the registration is the same as mine favorite moment will not hide I have every man of beloved measures this tasting cheese stretches so much in everything like me I love the potato pancake that's this gulf zhirnenkie here even I do not know well, you can a little bread to take the experience of all dunk it's so tasty intuitively feel I do not already know how you are think that I am the first sample naturally
  • 09:25: Cutlet straight very cool it puts here these are all the flavors when coriander all this is revealed, I want that Andrew follow quickly, too, this is tried you are friends potato is also soft now I will buy already without you was Oleg estuary to the veranda your recipe subscribe to our channel necessarily put all the likes write comments to all
  • 09:56: till