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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends today I want to show you the store in which I I get a lot of things for sewing shoes Here and so it looks like this basement premise ground floor as they now call everything interesting from the soles of now I have already just go from the sole to the wrong skin Punching pads sets for embossing
  • 00:34: and so on and so forth so you see called materials for shoes and leather goods in general the shop is called the Wonderworker how to get to him obukhovskoy defense Prospect of Obukhov Defense 93 course now on to the landmark was right here here such a house next to the inside is hotel small hotel elizar
  • 01:06: is called there as a number of metro entrance here a gift if you go from the metro Elizarov's Here under this arch you will enter but also to show here is the angle Prospect Elizarov as you see yes here seen here is written just Elizarov And in front is the last house and begins Prospect obuhovskoy defense so here
  • 01:39: here we are ahead of the Prospect Obuhovskaya defense, that is, go from the metro Elizarov street right in the direction of the avenue Obukhiv defense to the last The last house is right here so there in front of metro station Elizarovskaya that's actually not coming advertising I not much to do with the store simply
  • 02:10: many people ask about where I am buy for myself buy part in internet and part is very common in that often come here for now came for painting I am now I will demonstrate the purchase without departing from cashier came for the paint for the skin such Here is the little thing that's the edge of the skin when I'm shoes make I paint the edges of the skin so that they do not looked taken less beautiful and more
  • 02:44: has acquired strings and here are a few coils are such strings here just worth 130 rubles is like this coil thread costs 180 rubles this waxen threads specially shoe and that come see buy I think you need everything else date with you was irina avramenko if you liked this video give it was useful to you put like subscribe to the channel is not it will be
  • 03:14: all the best