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APPLE-TREE inoculation. How to REJUVENATE an old APPLE-TREE. An easy way from DelaOgorodnieTV  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to plant an apple tree if she is already twenty extra years look to climb there on the top of the head completely it is impossible choose a spinning top somewhere below crowns or anywhere on the trunk here in this case you see here
  • 00:31: spinning top quite thin but it can be inculcated than well he looks up he is ready to growth for this will need to pick up Cut the stalk here accordingly such a stalk can be kitty and just on it is very thick very suitable You just need to choose where to cut off here it is convenient and
  • 01:01: direct somewhere in the distance 5-7 centimeters from the trunk is very large such are the gap I do not do as there 15-20 centimeters cut off no, I'm cutting off closer Let's take into account here above the kidneys cut all cropped smooth cut then take the knife and we equate
  • 01:31: carving perfectly flat about so on cut as I have said perpendicularly trunk cut the cut into depth of about 3-4 diameter of the barrel 34 trunk diameters and
  • 02:01: dig out here from me Water can be distilled it is possible to baked water so I wet not to the withered cut is here see by diameter fit now did have a wedge cut it off exactly just 2 3 here and a half bundles of all workers
  • 02:32: here is one and here is the second this is incomprehensible and that's it woke up but it's here just enough for me in order to clean means cut cut the cut smooth further what we do sharpen depth is just important be 3-4 will be of the order of 25 30 millimeters that is year. I will just now
  • 03:02: I call here doo beams so here we have water on night will need more his crop shorter cut so on deepen slightly to depth of the cortex and do smooth cut when cut it off more accurately because very sharp legs
  • 03:32: You can stay without thumb here again you need to cut it off in one once it turned out kalynushka look check by diameter everything almost fits a little bit more of it you need to undermine the bottom
  • 04:03: he must get off almost on no you see that's what happened on after cut him better I used to take a dip I was dissuaded into my mouth said so it is impossible microbes by the project here I wet it and here dropped a droplet of everything further we insert
  • 04:33: how to embed northern and southern the side is here at me just it turns out southern side on the south side here it is he tops means here see if these the kidneys will go like this just this will go here from the trunk to the outside and this will go to the side you will see one kidney here is another well if they go internal we have them
  • 05:03: of course all now on carefully insert to stop all car coincided cambium on site all Here is a side tie closer now on we go here that there was a lumen there is only a tiny bit
  • 05:33: here here is the skin wrapped up something that corrax is very subtly and what we do further on we take tape for tape can be tacky can be tacky outside let's we will wrap ourselves outside just outside it spare yourself the problem created the channel of the first slides Secondly , I'm not too young sticky inside nothing terrible here
  • 06:05: to cover up everything upside down so further you can here can not be turned over turn over sticky side I im her mind is clearly visible Here and so on catch a sprawled know and reel
  • 06:35: here it is the top we leave the kidney you do not close it all the tape is will stand a long time before
  • 07:05: autumn, I did not even uncoiling and in winter that is rewind into this tape in the spring further that is necessary need to make further cut off the mackus and to cover and garden wine for what purpose to decrease evaporation that is, here we cut neatly top so as not to damage kidney and in our
  • 07:35: When I have a garden there was no garden paradise vmazal just clay and it's always worked but also all what else can advise young among the fellers to put on top of polyethylene a bag but I do not I use but dress for you of course
  • 08:06: I can show that reduce evaporation from foliage on the other hand if we dress the bag we the sheet ceases, as it were it grows there in this package package will have to be constantly ventilate and second when the package dressed worse grow kombi we have juice ascends the trunk
  • 08:36: in leaves occurs photosynthesis and returns by bark back to saved so at this moment just everything nutrients here on this crust remains and cambium grows if cover bags and long to keep that kombi can delay its build-up
  • 09:08: so here I have it thin film can be dress and do here such a sachet The cap can be simply package of measures I do here such a cap feeble but i still time I speak such I do not particularly use because not exactly it's good greenhouse effect but bad badly overgrown ribbit
  • 09:39: but make small cap I'll have him in a week I will definitely take off long hold it can not be like leaves will start to grow here on this let's we finish but so grafted yabla old I was if u you do not have this milk
  • 10:09: then you need to be sure cut off a knot unnecessary will come out next should take on there will be a spinning top and to vaccinate him otherwise old apple trees grafted very hard to punish them thick crust of inoculate can go and can not go to I'll show you how to plant a pear up to 25 years old pears watch another video how to plant well and pears for today, let's
  • 10:39: we will finish before new meetings on the channel of business garden go to we still