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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, gardeners and truck farmers again meet with you I I barely got him on the canal in the garden or in vegetable garden today I want to tell you about how I remove the number give some tips on how to prepare it is to planting garlic what garlic I will plant for the winter as He looks like if now you look here in the gift so much we planted garlic and garlic are generally pretty Still he is good and as is and a bit or there is certainly and small and there is also
  • 00:30: very large there are averages but it's like always any gardener can not have garlic can not be he just standard straight one to one this year I again put in two tiers garlic here at We have a video last year we showed me very much this way of me in This year was pleased with the number of ranks very very expressive very large so this year I'll put the conditions again it's always one of my beds I have
  • 01:02: bed will be a two - level bunk landing garlic I do not mulch mulchiruyu because of the number what considerations mulch very good keeps the moisture here for example now here this garlic I dug about somewhere three days ago we had such rains that but I could not just proceeding to forging was very dirty having dug it out in this such condition I have not cleaned here shows right on
  • 01:34: roots of a block of mud in general it's bad certainly bad for garlic and very much garlic has started to crumble he crumbles because of the fact that it's here it is not timely cleaning and here now I go back to mulching mulching garlic why I do not I do here like to save moisture and if the year is rainy and mulch lies
  • 02:04: or that's how we dig for example garlic and gone rains lie lie she Keeps the moisture keeps the moisture does not give the ground breathe and land prize 3 dry out for garlic is very bad the land must dry up necessarily to dry out the more so that here you are see as if yes I do not have small beds with garlic garlic was planted in two rows on these narrow such beds here again on what depth I plant all on all this there are rollers
  • 02:37: so I'm against mulching garlic Well, well, no, I'm not saying that now. let's talk a little bit about this Now I will tell you everything that's Garlic's I dug it out three days ago this kind of it was we do not have it usual garlic is always so hung up and dried but now have come so hot days but it's just scorch and garlic that we
  • 03:08: left here it lies literally 2 days and see it no longer need to dry anywhere that is, here the tops of it seem to have dried up puddles that I do I take like this see just this is how I scroll pores is not and they seem to almost fall off and here's how to find out what garlic is in here the principle is already dry, so I see with my hand shed and generally speaking you here feel well here such here
  • 03:38: each that's chesn I'm showing you a good bit had to interrupt with you Communion because it's not the cock forbid sing not to neighbor grass mowing That's why I had to fasten a buttonhole so that the microphone was better heard well I return again to garlic now I'll show you this here garlic if we now see carefully see what's wrong with her
  • 04:09: it happens like it's like this cracked, that is, this garlic he sat in the ground and had to clean up much earlier but how do I say that to me the weather did not allow this kind of garlic but I'm not upset that this is it. what happened I will do I then these here denticles here they are very , very good I they will simply be planted in the winter
  • 04:40: and all only and all but to store here Such garlic is not worth it because it long lie will not be or let it in conservation or just planting for the winter Well, with garlic still coming back denticles must be very pretty large, that is to land now the most time you clean the garlic and it's time whose planting material
  • 05:10: battlements and garlic is much more accurate than the teeth we take with garlic is the best that is a trifle so be kind and eat cans and as you want and you should put good large tooth and large garlic then you will have a good harvest because many complain that here small chesnuts to small ones because planting material of poor quality small garlic and from here here such here result therefore here such here garlic
  • 05:41: for storage we do not mortgage store garlic ways very much I gave one way to store it black garlic in a glass jar again who it turns out that someone keeps it well in a glass jar from someone for some reasons, he lost no garlic Bank In which case the bank should not be closed be clean and sterile
  • 06:12: sterilized as for conservation and should be dry and garlic in any case now here I am it let's bring it yes I will not be it right away put in a jar he must lie in at the same temperature as you will have garlic stored so you took this garlic and now have brought From the street into the amku quickly threw and in the cellar was taken away not by my dear ones
  • 06:42: does garlic lie down be sure here at room the temperature at the moment is here of course I keep the garlic here on my terrace rub plus 18 degrees someone stores in the kitchen on cabinets for god's sake, anywhere behold but again I always call you never do not go one hundred percent not bet on a new way from you have collected some garlic and took and the whole bank was laid down and he daddy you on
  • 07:12: for some reason not knowing what and then you blame yulia that she gave you here such a pilaf with a bad way of storing garlic although the way is quite the same good and decent, so they took would put a small liter bank garlic this year and see how it is will be stored I tried to store garlic but I think the pot why not Store up to in plastic containers or same plastic container and here
  • 07:42: plastic containers just the same garlic is not preserved he does not store the result to me in general did not like that here, well, such here small tips on garlic I wanted to give you so that now in dug garlic well it dry prepare for cleaning carefully we look that was not sick because even why can banks lose garlic I fell 1 o'clock in the morning to rot somewhere some or something
  • 08:12: it begins to rot the humidity rises in the bank you understand and garlic then the whole dies but with him so that is disappears that's what happens to him well Well that's probably all you had and Julia me it or him on the channel in a garden or in vegetable garden bye Bye