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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends today i want tell how can reduce Energy consumption machines for washing look at us always in the cars goes here such a stainless barrel here it is with the other side respectively, when water is heated to 40 60 or 90 degrees then we are heat lost into the environment will reduce it in no way it is impossible on this number per plant manufacturer and, as it were,
  • 00:30: it does not reduce that you can make it two options as can reduce heat loss especially if you are building merfi 90 degrees for example in this time professional which erases about an hour if you wash three hours then you have three hours heat losses in environment for area of ​​the tank can the tank be pasted here such heater is this the simplest so you let's say so inexpensive option is still foamed rubber and there he is a little more
  • 01:00: dense it is better glued but I just do not know which country you are look me well roughly speaking there is one square meter it turns out somewhere in area 9 dollars about here what can it do? I'm looking specifically one side already glued this is not for glued side and here we have a side that already glued on see that is, it is cut these are such pieces here's the one here a piece well that piece was
  • 01:30: long and glued immediately on the tank it turns out when the water it is heated in a tank at we are not there, no, no the minimum heat losses in environment and when the machine is erasing at first faster gaining temperature required in the second wash time is reduced because that it is faster goes to a given temperature in the third per kilogram of washing at you are reduced number of kilowatts which you spend you can do this as It can be done
  • 02:01: buy a heater Well, for example here I am because doing this issue in industrial scales say so that is, here I have it costs a lot then it is cut out corresponding the strip is glued to tank now I'm already cut out a piece Now you show here see what we we do it like this behold
  • 02:44: but you're shooting yes [music] [applause]
  • 03:15: it turned out a little bit group because I the principle We are no longer will still be stuck Here is such a system you play all you need he was stuck
  • 03:46: it is not you can see here do not tear off this one here complicated respectively the bacman learns insulated and heat losses in surrounding immediately less private became another piece you need on top will be glue [music] here we have 1 now
  • 04:20: another piece know on camera it turns out a little bit clumsily for some reason usually everything happens much easier to know
  • 04:51: here you try to well turned out starting to hurry and in the result is a little drying but in anyway it is will close and we got our drum that's all sides insulated such loss now will happen here heat loss now
  • 05:23: will be minimal and all the best all historical