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Плетеная ручка для сумки. Шнур кумихимо. Вязание из трикотажной пряжи  See details »

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  • 00:34: this bag and I suggest to make here such here's a knob this wicker handle is Japanese traditional netting kumihimo so let's start and for the handle to me requires 2 split rings knitting yarn I have is yarn biysk this beach and the center color vanilla this is yarn with a face thread 79 millimeters in the ready state and such yarns less prone to stretching namely
  • 01:05: thanks to the facial slicing of yarn that is she has a jersey front face on the outside and inside and a sign, well, and accordingly if your yarn has a faceted cut then she less likely to stretch that much important for the pen also I will need to traditional Japanese weaving kumihimo I have it already finished machine that is, it has numbers and arrows But such a machine can be made by such as cardboard
  • 01:36: that is, you are simply developed and done such a markup of a reference to all these materials on yarn for rings on I leave the stop below under the video open the video and there will be everything and so yarn I cut 4 threads of four with half a meter and each of these threads I folded in half here they are all four add them together then just I insert this here this end of a thread here it
  • 02:10: ring and hang on them a detachable ring I will begin to distribute threads from a unit of two thread up then two more strands to the right for example 8 and case and then two more threads down for example 15 and 16 digits and here not it is fundamentally simple for
  • 02:41: Your convenience and the remaining two threads Here's how this is such a weaving can be do multicolor you just take yarns of different colors, and also continues interlace and get such an effect how can I sit on the photo well and turn to the weaving itself, I take the threads From the upper left corner and dropping it lower left corner they raise me from the bottom right corner right upper hatch and turn see
  • 03:11: The arrows indicate the direction of rotation I turn counter-clockwise and I continue to do the same thread from I lower the top left corner thread from the bottom right corner I understand up and down again and continue so turn Well, respectively, not those that you
  • 03:44: here they will also be intertwine so it is certainly more convenient coil I rolled up and glomeruli and fixed them usual clothes pegs and now The process will go faster and lower left and on the right up I turn the new down back upstairs Well , when the thread of my glomerulus
  • 04:17: Yes, I'll just remove the clothespin unwound a little bit and will add threads as necessary in this way they will not get me confused continue on the length that you need here see how it turns weaving but I completely forgot to say that before how to start the weaving all the threads that you will use no matter what kind of yarn you are will use need to figure out before
  • 04:47: This is the limit for your The handle during operation is not particularly If you have threads already stretch this handle will already be easy nowhere to pull and if you will knit here for example from yarn which is not stretch the size that you get in the result will be very different from the fact that you are thinking of remembering that the threads which you crossed last always will lie on top of this way you never get confused at what point you now you are and what you need to do
  • 05:17: whether I can turn from a thread I needed to turn here they are the last on top of the meat you need to make a turn here look what a smile grips I was left with these ends of the pen I got about 120 centimeters Length but in principle I have this length and raschityval yes before I remove or take out a string and with I'm just sitting on the beautiful machine
  • 05:49: knot these remaining ends tails I'll cut all the cuts on I put the same length of 2 carabiners here this place I will fix with usual threads thread with a needle that's just passed
  • 06:19: so that it does not run away and The handle is ready to be put on the bag Well, and see what I got here is such a handle that's one edge Well, 2 extreme just decided to do such a long brush can of course be carefully all these threads together Sew 1 k1 yes, but still it will be a shock to me everyone this brush looks quite the same
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