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  • 00:00: good afternoon today in our street on May 5 In the past, I showed you how to We wintered our peach-eyed peeling in This video, I'll tell you what operations will be carried out with our seedlings peach we take off the bottom leaves here we woke up here in these sinuses of the stepson, we have them the same way break the leaves like this here we do not touch anything yet
  • 00:39: Next on the next as well in the bathroom without a point they do not need us here posture is already warm Then there's all these ranochki with time to be tightened and there will be a cotton swab table At us now here this all force which went to these parcels on these lower leaves all go to this one trunk he will thicken with us in time will turn into a tree like this
  • 01:11: on the whole thing doing nothing complicated here it is not easily broken here I am in that video showed that we are beaten with almonds shoots see now he continues to beat off again we break them completely
  • 01:42: The ruble was not here it would be I was saying during the season to be done and not once one more thing this we will do the debris up to the height somewhere about 60 centimeters, well, look at you will do on the same height as you more suitable if you want Tall to make seedlings means you will this is all to deceive well, to the right you height we do somewhere at a height of 60
  • 02:12: 70 centimeters The following videos I will show that we will Doing further on now we will pass a little bit further I will show you how grows our future stock for peach almond, here we come in the school of the wild almonds we will have a future stock for our Peaches means that we are here now. do what operations we take the bottom
  • 02:42: part of this is like this, so here we end so here we do not have nothing that's how we take it and that's it. completely blown here it turns out we have was planted an ossicle of almonds she lowered the two runaways well, we leave one is the strongest 2 we delete it just do not need it, we do it like this this is held with a finger this quietly take and pull out everything so
  • 03:13: the same thing we take off these leaves just they will then prevent us they We do not need here with time here can sprout shoots in these places we also itself will dazzle season Here and so on this all the case and so fully in all the ranks, that's all this is next we are two rows
  • 03:45: planted a common future for plums and for but you mean we took a bone of the wild cherry plum and yellow as well as we We will oculate the plum of different varieties and a cherry tree here until we have nothing break out here while we have everything left as it is water we now do not water the moisture While there is a little why, because if now give water and nutrition seedlings
  • 04:17: can greatly thicken about the size of this We do not need a thick stock It will be more difficult to oculate the kidney To get accustomed it already on the fly will look if it's too hot then you can turn on drip irrigation and a little bit to shed while everything remains how to eat well all goodbye until next meetings