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Sharpener for knives the hands

Sharpener for knives the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] today's video we will make wooden why for knives and then proceed to assemble our sharpener for knives so for this we need a very the rest of the leg and that's it n-shaped it for angle setting He will walk the bar in this way
  • 00:31: will go bar we got a table now to him It is necessary to fasten this t-shaped keep and bar so I'll say in advance Here, in their own way, we set the holes bolts
  • 01:13: instead of how we use the winged nuts now for hold for fixing we need to drill a knife here also two drilled holes they drilled under these balls the washer is taken from washing machine from fastening that drum is obtained on the edge of this washer drilled hole to the washer for
  • 01:44: the edge did not leave we put in the bolts flat bolts are obtained from the bottom sides we insert the washers and also go wing nuts for quick removal knife for installation for removing our so We collected our sharpener and look at it.
  • 02:19: that is, but now, well, well, not quite here he is tearing he just takes the paper on our sharpener pinched planted the second
  • 02:50: take the phone on the phone is already at us protractor so now here that these buttons We did not interfere with the volume, we set them here so that they reach the button up and all here but not so will choose so we put it here at 25 3 kohan knife is sharpened from 25 to 35
  • 03:32: well, such a certain advantageous angle as though no for knives every spoon on the flapper this is how everything is determined by experience and we begin our sharpening at us is exposed already google bar on double Scotch tape nazhdachka here are different factions, that is from rough to small and here is the smallest
  • 04:03: you begin to sharpen and sharpen it at once one side of the smaller fraction now turn over
  • 04:33: also bypassing cooper now a smaller one checked the slice turned out
  • 05:09: means not to the end up to the point forward is normal Here we have a sharpener for knives The Volga will bring to what sharpen knives there super mega
  • 05:43: acute but for the household for home use knives are very fit, that is the skin tomatoes cut without problems in general who liked the video we put the likes and write comments subscribe to channel until