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Творожный Торт Без Выпечки с Воздушным Нежным Кремом  See details »

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  • 00:00: All hello this channel is easy to prepare and I'm Olga Matvei Today we will again cook the cake without baking this is a delicious curd cake with soft curd cream look at what cake in the total mass turned out to be enough for him at about 12 small pieces but if desired it is possible to divide and divide more [music] I need 200 grams of soft
  • 00:33: butter sugar here I have half a glass of milk cookie cookie I need a cracker it's just a sweet cracker means he there are different sizes, choose any The main thing is that if it is round and shaped you had a round if it is square then mold to be square where you are will collect the whole cake then I need cheese means here I need to know such cottage cheese different cottage cheese that is sold in stores and cottage cheese I want to stop
  • 01:03: there is cottage cheese in some firms make it as there will be such smooth flakes here it so looks like smooth flakes it delicious everything but such cottage cheese does not fit in order to make a cream from it or on frying syrniki so choose a cottage cheese that similar to a homemade or grandmother's and sour cream the fatter you take the sour cream the better but not less than 20 percent will begin with butter it must be beaten a mixer I just go to the whipped butter All the sugar and butter with sugar I have wiped and
  • 01:34: while I set him aside like this remove not the corolla not less to nowhere now about 2 curd cheese cottage cheese then you can take just plain dip the blender and beat the cottage cheese with sour cream just a blender, but to get the cream more airy saturated oxygenous delicious light I do the double work I rub on sieve is such a nice little sieve and I still beat the blender all the same to me like it more but you can not It's not easy to swing
  • 02:05: blender it made them tasty requires victims see how finely turns out it is clear that it takes time, well, I I always do this always when The cream turns out very such straight here he light delicious air such would be cream Not curd did not cook all the time grind into fucking cottage cheese we ship Whip the sour cream with an immersion blender I got this kind of air weight
  • 02:38: we connect it with butter and sugar beat up at medium speed now I got the cream means in Ideally you will surely laugh at me I would have it rubbed through the sieve again that he was so generally perfect perfect, but in principle, he really is air me a lot of oxygen I will not do this yet, but if you have have time and you like to wave for a long time at kitchen peretrite We put the biscuits into milk for a long time. Keep it dipped in milk and immediately
  • 03:08: form Spread the first layer of cream evenly spreading one more row of cookies and so on until it ends whole cream and at the end you need the cream to be on top of cakes [music] and the last layer of cream I got three rows of pastry cookie crumbs can be the same thing you can have a sand mine at home there was a shortbread cookie still I'm here
  • 03:38: so I crushed it and decorated it on top then all fell asleep now you can tighten up You can even leave food film we clean in the refrigerator for a whole night I stayed up all night long from the top Foil now with a knife is so necessary for stenochkam cut cake let's see what waited inside it's a cake because it's delicious so
  • 04:11: take it out carefully. looks inside this cake is a plus it can be done not necessarily for day even if you do it in two keep the day in the refrigerator it only gets better from this, he it will be well soaked neatly tightly cut but me like this option cake in the first place he really curd cottage cheese here that we interrupted for a long time so with him waving and all it's all rubbed and his he tried to really get
  • 04:41: gentle taste of cottage cheese here know here no one will guess how you did it is cream of cottage cheese it's delicious so try the guys it's gentle melts in the mouth cottage cheese in general it's delicious cooking send me a photo waiting for your comment about this this cake and as I said today for the sneakers look even Snickers without baking too funky but that all went drink tea I have only two cakes a day
  • 05:11: Overall we will enjoy sweet thanks that today were with me put husky subscribe to my channel click on bell not to miss the following videos while