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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear viewers Hello my subscribers on the channel youtube garden head is not a miracle so I can not get tired of today's topic phlox how to properly cut them you know you do not have a good one The habit is not for everyone, of course, but some faded peonies cyrus under root from the phlox goal of the hey genus under the root no, my darling can not do this you leave the green mass as possible
  • 00:31: not all varieties fade and tyranny blooming and now in general everything there already but these phlox faded well not beautiful and beautiful and notice plant spend their energy on education seeds in a box and why do we need it spent power we have nothing to so we take a secateur and we can get by without it and break off leaving here remove this part of you see yeah all that remove the seeds due to break out but
  • 01:02: from land to means a place where we break off roughly centimeters 50 well 40 at least you should understand what to leave you need green mass on the stem it will take a long time work for something to restore rhizome all the kidneys lay the next Year of flowering this leaves will do it's not you and not fertilizer is the leaves so this factory must be protected here you are
  • 01:33: We remove the upper part of them just they they easily break it make and in spring and autumn all blooming part to clean I hope that you have not forgotten that phloxes with potassium and phosphorus feed but be sure to do it at least for a two times in August but do it a year later but if you are directly ambushed the whole but do it once but every year it's sure you are they are green they are cool and they are all right but
  • 02:05: is certainly ill with basal part of it with whom it does not happen something was not enough was very hot it was summer of course chic and but it's hot Dry and the plant all suffer means when to me begins to write that oh at me were killed phloxes But then I always take the Zulu as they do not kill the phlox, and you understand that these are such plants that you just need to put it right here 30 centimeter depth
  • 02:36: but one flower fertilizer 5 centimeters of the soil of the rootstock were fell asleep if you bought on the market flowering right here with blossoming stems when they planted them off like this you can even shorter a little bit but the leaves leave let them work rooting it also happens, but you are green you understand that well, as you stuck shelf up to without leaves and on what works on photosynthesis will certainly be leaflets But flowers can no longer be done if you planted all
  • 03:08: broke off the penis and on it calm down do not forget to water it be sure Yes, now it is necessary to water in the autumn plant and how do you like strawberries water should be watered and phlox to water at the rose let down hydrangea how much water do you require Do not relax while it's too early on this I will finish all the best and good-bye [music]