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How quickly to reduce pressure | the Chinese medicine | the High pressure Friends, we continue a subject on the Chinese medicine. In this video of Ning to share how to lower in...  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello and me for everything knew but today I am I I'll tell you about throw of course several . can be treated painful about played a pain or pressure at the cream you can any time any place and press and you learn the style of hay. to hang out or remove and pain from box or that time good now
  • 00:30: I'll probably tell you this leaving the problem high pressure autumn often people days sensitive and because they have them only pressure roofing they were starting just feeling coral a little bit unpleasant places are not especially do not feel that as it measures this time will compilation gimlet him and the fifth moment is needed Does the year need words with I leave it to you I can teach you this too 4 .
  • 01:01: You can instantly very quickly removes pressure on if it starts heroin traffic 15 20 minutes then this time completely removed pressure is normal such as alone restoration already 180 up to 150 but this moment need very quickly removes because if you do not have a home medicines that take you you have accumulated Give your pressure God forbid do not carry anything happened but to you on 1 time now you will learn it to help themselves and
  • 01:31: close people can it kulli home because of s and roofing high pressure alone at first I have more often now I will show there store. call and then right at my friend on ball I will have Kati is on this one to bombay lolita remember the first I do not teach 2 more steps and
  • 02:02: huische the third is a little bit 4 let's well these 4. necessary those work for them need to click rob us and minutes changed from you she is well caridine 1 to 2 times 15 days 15 times one taste but for the first time then 20 minutes in principle pressure can already be
  • 02:32: how is it normal if it is not already You can disturb repeated 2 3 1 7 and all such a movement is not such a difficult number person I thought on your memory can be understand not remember 1 the point is called a share dick all I usually tell you I will say very much interesting is thin Yes . at the entrance to the most high places in advice spyder and I have to you this. may be this and this. I'm you
  • 03:03: learn how you can correctly find sit smoothly and lie down put your hands on it below is a finger out of it thumb on high ears The ears of sand place here and straight the second is so called specify this index finger right above get here in the middle particular show at first half of the memory is the
  • 03:33: big put ears out of her temple and place a then it's hospitals exponential you can click it . the middle of the Samegawa frames terribly hurt because it . to Andrew's grandson's place if you find it place is correct and they both then a little bit port then article confidently it's all . under Chinese correct name they heat up . which are below the pit will go and reliable. it's necessary to feel
  • 04:04: little we do not want to do or to a network feeling a little bit small volume yes yes but still not very very much will be this the band is stronger it hurts . Sensitive to whom there is no ordinary order. not like that sensitive all equally you will understand this you'll catch. both of Lenin somehow a little bit slightly fucked hurt Seven skill yard beat headphones clutch face and show fingers it's just information blood and then place
  • 04:34: found if looked me if i want to find the right one Look, I'll be so find this place too it is called soldering this pimples Angel novotel dealing specifically cow system and body she connects by need and by sensitive topic for this tournament the system well as led so I'll tell you if you found it. try or remember normal finger press
  • 05:05: 15 to 20 minutes is easy send a twist of taste or even not even then that a little bit feel pain on just fine it is but any movement in that regular dionysus of us once at once and it hurts and wants the record of suppressed it is called singing
  • 05:35: usually to sculpt our 20 minutes, remember 2 daughter is called have a very patterns find because most below the wall under kicking us how best should this be the usual flour soles of the soles of the body this point is exactly not that this is a kingdom and this is not a syringe for you
  • 06:07: this is the biggest pit if you try it very very big I can find not here instead of warden connection and this place can be just by hands or put the folders I'll tell you who from pile about it not conveniently put the folder I 'll show you a little hour If you are at home and such a small bug powerful just dad put it well on mountain or impossible here nap and but but these. the highest
  • 06:37: place from she does not eat they sort and adsense important pressure also 15-20 minutes before the feces . 15 to 20 minutes and erase don and number of us well, get lost relax and so It's easy to find you
  • 07:11: I will say what the Criminal Code and like this angle coal now try it right click here. bono I'll tell you not that that click on the gas. and this is no longer . later already all. art pit so look, I'm writing I write that I am looking for. in the middle this is the place ipad obvious wear on a little more often and press also 15 up to 20 minutes she is
  • 07:44: hands to the right and to the left if under the foot experience you can try well how is the same left and right and all can I now showed me right then the hand but there is pressure it is necessary to normalize to know both the right and the left to crush or mine mom's best year both press but apart from this . this is evident here I'll tell you this . the most fiery Andreev's light and then if this
  • 08:15: lyre closer to heart this in real so I often used it this way which organ closer and you feel asleep inside the panel fill out it's necessarily alcohol from the womb it is impossible touch this circle exactly what examples our Cahors is ours when I do not touch the look the garden will reach and smear inside everything is wet I'll go if you have there is a big
  • 08:47: tweezers try use trailer color Shiraz and we will separately and show how to wash correctly the shelves are small glass stages spark action she very skinny so love
  • 09:17: use cufflinks You need to hold on faithfully this bark once again you I will show you not to move from and keeps well usually put panda and need 15 minutes up to 20 minutes the same
  • 09:47: now you see it very skinny so the cans are easy shot but pipes the place was anyway I will not have problems the high pressure I'll show . does not mention mission and improving here and soul. I do not have time will be given to all on how uncomfortable the best cities and you
  • 10:22: I'll show it 4. is called days are so great to measure Tomenko counting a finger straight see your soar this siberi boris even and a stone on kicking the highest place place here and Taurus four fingers here you will find here to reveal after all listen go bone but. not must under the bone
  • 10:52: on the bone and therefore he himself is the fifth small one [music] it is this place on do the next both finally so if you leave banks experience as possible try again time rescued grandmother definitely not touches all these well vouched
  • 11:36: only her great painfully well hold all this 4. card or high pressure if you do not only on tackle play sweet faith in the wave the rubbish father's will and a pallet then there is work by pressing or by banks yes and sometimes people who love the external
  • 12:07: and the treatment they love called could endure too Chinese Ancient treatment they are very well helps but externally I 'll go on captivity at the deck then find you can be found go and this is very good also very good in topic other than bat can be one of four points we are definitely all I draw you I advise this myself Lithuanian pour most cranes and points action directly on high pressure because the wet point
  • 12:38: are connected by humid on the soil trial one useful but this is 4. be sure you need to be able to work with you fast action but apart from the goal . letter if small . whether like you I will not press you tell so that you can not help and not convenient first time to action attacked potter but this now and only obligations remember please 1 per crop feet on the mountain most weight and place on the ears and soar and then in
  • 13:08: middle corum here 2. which is underfoot under the palm between it Anna and the middle part the third place is nu-ka to shoot 90 cities try another we and in the middle of November let go the same most afraid of me the slope is so now also there is places of the ages