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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I'm glad to welcome you me in the kitchen today I want to share with you a very interesting recipe and such ideas on how to make a delicious breakfast You can also use this dish as a and at the snack as well as you can take it in You can also drive to the school or use as a light supper and today I want to share with you such a recipe for this recipe for us today I will need to use 10 pancakes that I prepared in advance they at me they large specially
  • 00:31: fried just small size pancakes you can use pancakes any size and make them by the number of servings that you also need for this the number of pancakes is not needed 2 eggs will need rusks and You will need 100 grams of 100 grated cheese in first of all, we will also kill eggs for that eggs are not pulled for our
  • 01:01: our pancakes when we will be their ships dipping and also and that is any recipe which you make a secret there and add 2 tablespoons water and beat together with the egg then when we drop pancakes here or any other ingredient that you want to use for roasting then eggs will not drag on such fibers and put them aside for the time being and
  • 01:31: let's prepare pancakes for this take the pancake spread on it from above cheese quantity of cheese spread on your own discretion now halves and in exactly the same way and twice more that's what
  • 02:01: we should get the first queue we need prepare all pancakes prepared pancakes first we lower the egg and now in crackers and put on a plate and there
  • 02:34: prepare all the pancakes ready The blank must be placed either in the refrigerator for half an hour or in the freezer 15 minutes for pancakes cooled and did not open when we we will fry for technical reasons part of the video of me not signed up so I'm telling more Once I finished procuring after 15 minutes from the freezer and now I will fry them in deep-fried from two sides to golden
  • 03:06: colors I fried all the pancakes on both sides they are very beautiful and delicious Golden to serve such pancakes better only in hot condition now I want to cut and show one
  • 03:36: what kind of interior does it look like to you? beauty is incredibly tasty pancakes with cheese inside are very suitable for breakfast can also be taken with you to the way they are tasty is like school like cold and hot if you liked this recipe leave your comments subscribe to my channel ahead of you waiting for a lot of interesting recipes