Marina Petrova

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I just took a semolina, added flour, water and it turned out. The most puff flat cake in the world!  See details »

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  • 00:00: here are such magical mega-puff cakes I suggest to cook today look what are they cool They if they cool on the grill will be crispy and delicious and if you pour honey or just syrup jam and a little bit more sour cream there will be something unreal such cool cool technique I before did not meet look at them beauty to all hello this is another project kitchen and with you I'm valeria friends you
  • 00:32: know how I have a weakness for interesting techniques for working with the test today I suggest cooking fantastically layered Moroccan cake when I saw this technique I was in full delight watching how I her prepared we need 250 grams monkey 250 grams flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder a pinch of salt water near the glass but I Then you will more accurately tell how much will be gone 50 grams of creamy and sunflower oil we need here
  • 01:06: such a mixture to determine the exact amount of water I will knead in a mixer send flour flour pardon ripper salt sugar I will use the hook attachment but how time for the test and now slowly add water and mix it like this soft elastic dough for me it turned out a little bit so interesting textured because of the monkey it took me exactly
  • 01:37: 220 milliliters of water you are guided to one's own flour on someone's land more wet average really the glass leaves now I leave the dough I 'll cover it with film and leave it for about twenty that she rested the dough spent a long time divide it into such decent pieces of these pieces will now form form the ball and immediately lubricate
  • 02:09: its oil, that is, we need to make the dough still here so lying in the oil this is known as a Lagman if you We saw the video Lagman Lagman then there just when rolling tests It is used here such reception from it from butter dough becomes elastic and well stretches and also lubricate all The remaining pieces are allowed to lie still 10 dough has been stale
  • 02:41: and we begin to stretch it, we do not need here, even a rolling pin just take the oil and that's it. so we stretch the dough What is cool as it stretches will be cool do not forget to lubricate butter look dough becomes generally as parchment the thinnest not I even a little bit slightly my curse and thinner than you need to
  • 03:15: although quite completely all these plump stretch the dough very much she's interesting with glasses Let's see what happens is not interesting very now our task is to cut thin slices I've been here a few times I'll run this thing out trying to get between thirds and what kind of tonyusenka it turns out and now I will still be a knife cut
  • 03:49: then the lines of the notch cut the leaves A thin knife is the main thing that you do not there really were thin stripes Now we carefully collect the dough in one side [music] see she's already what we get puff [music] incredibly interesting so a little bit more oil smazhem bake will burn rather on a dry frying pan, therefore not
  • 04:19: worry that now the oil is too much and these movements are neat wind and form such a likely even rosettes repeat with all the other tortillas now every workpiece is neat level and flatten out approximately thickness but somewhere 4 millimeters can 3
  • 04:50: here is such a small loaf in us We aim to turn our patty on average fire even slightly less than average you see, we look at it as soon as it starts Turn over and so do several times to make the cakes as inclined need a little bit like this and so on. come from the edges and here's beauty. another couple of minutes to turn to
  • 05:21: they baked completely but look what stratification is just something incredible each here this this plateochka she separates here are such cool cool Moroccan Lepeshhechki we turned out to look what are they puffy is something I'm full of ecstatic You can pour them with honey jam and if not add sugar in the dough, you can file what cheese sauce look they are all straight as a toy my friends
  • 05:53: be sure to try to cook me I think that your families will be your family in full of ecstasy from such a layering a girl for better cooling them on the grate then they are generally crispy such breaking we are very cool recommend under you was I'm valeria is a project another kitchen for the best while [music]