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ДОСТУПНЫЕ и ПРОСТЫЕ в приготовлении рецепты ПЕСОЧНОГО печенья  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my dear subscribers and friends and guests with you and the reikona prepare for love today we will cook very tasty and beautiful pastry three option shortbread cookie in sugar shortbread cookies with poppy seeds and all favorite biscuit biscuits look video and cook with me for the sand We will need the following cookies products 2 eggs need to be divided into yolks and proteins 200 grams of sugar the floor of a vanillin sachet
  • 00:31: 200 grams of soft butter 400 grams of flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder to whom immediately add baking powder baking powder I cook myself I have a video how to cook it I've already used it once baking powder so boldly cook it at home with a housekeeper your family budget for cooking
  • 01:03: Shortcake I use the nozzle letters to do kneading in the kitchen machine but you can also do it manually or with Using a mixer means for us to start you need to beat a soft butter and [music] we add [music] from the crowd we continue it
  • 01:33: then we add [applause] anywhere see what kind of sharply she collects us for already balls We have a clean cup here mesh dough 2 tablespoons flour in our country left on the pile when we will to form a cookie dough does not stick to
  • 02:05: to the hands yellowy beautiful now take A plastic bag closes it and We bred our dough in the refrigerator for one hour and now we will prepare one more shortbread cookie with raisins under the name of logs this cookie is very
  • 02:36: love my family for him we need will be the following products 75 grams soft butter 150 grams sugar 2 eggs 50 grams of sour cream fat 121 percent half a teaspoon of baking powder half a bag of vanillin 75 grams of raisins I have already it was soaked and dried and 320 grams flour
  • 03:06: as in the first case, we first whip soft butter kitchen machine, but we ourselves add sick and co-author what prevents then we add sour cream and eggs are dangerous mass stir well
  • 03:38: then in one tablespoon add As a plus with a splitter and knead and rover bites mixed devices and twitter the baking powder evenly distributed l200 the batter is ready to wind on the nozzle book pack now that's what that flour I add to We raisin and grind together with flour and add the dough to the dough
  • 04:12: I want to mix it with my hand in this capacity the dough is slightly sticky then it is very soft and it is not pleasant to look so sticks to the table with it is very convenient work set the oven to warm up and now we will quickly prepare our log cookies means that we see do a piece of dough pinched
  • 04:44: first circle then do this log this cookie for sale shops it's very tasty but believe me if you cook it at home this there will be an incredible taste try the cookies to do the same size and the same thickness, you understand it everything is baked in one form therefore
  • 05:16: should be approximately the same size but I try and put it on shelter which I covered with parchment paper use parchment paper always with silicone coating and on quality products are well behind there are no problems and I advise you to use only high-quality paper
  • 05:46: and put it on the pond and tell you right away the cookie flies away at once, here I am I make a small portion of this for two To drink tea we put the cookies on two two and a half distance centimeter from each other cookies log put in a preheated oven for one hundred
  • 06:17: eighty degrees per average top-bottom cookie bake mode 30 minutes very fragrant and beautiful believe me if you cook this cookie husband, children and the whole family will be delighted as well, now it's time to prepare the first our biscuits got the dough from refrigerator tear off a small piece test roll the dough ball in hands see the rolls
  • 06:56: the size of a ball with a walnut and now envelop in protein 2 squirrels we deferred the parties try the cookies to do the same size everything is very simple rolled ball encapsulate the protein and then in sugar
  • 07:27: if at you so it turned out at the batch for example, crumbling a little happens this is what you need to add or the floor of the dining room tablespoons sour cream or two tablespoons milk that you will have cookies at your fingertips spread out at a distance of 2 centimeters from each other and lay out on that and which I covered with parchment on paper, now I'll show you how you can make the taste of this cookie more
  • 07:59: various means again we roll down dough in a ball the size of a walnut encircling a ball in the squirrel and now dunk his papers and put our the workpieces are ready
  • 08:32: I got twenty-eight pieces in protein for enveloping cookies is very much so use one protein for enveloping and the second protein in dough put our cookies in preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees on average level mode up-down shortbread cookie baked 25 minutes here is our cookies and on the table for an hour and a half we prepared
  • 09:02: a full plate of shortbread cookies here there are in the sugar and poppy and also all favorite cookies Polenovo cook together with me and make your family delicious home cookies left me only just show the crack cookie see here is a seemingly ordinary recipe sandwich cookies but due to the fact that we dipping it protein and then envelop the sugar it turns out such a crisp
  • 09:35: I want to break the shell. say that this cookie is very tasty and sweet and it crumbles soft inside on the chicken is formed with protein and sugar is very tasty well and now I try my favorite cookies love raisin cookies log also love with coffee with milk jelly cures moderately sweet very tasty to everyone
  • 10:07: I recommend to cook subscribe to my channel put like with you was aero and the channel is prepared with love until new meetings so far