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  • 00:00: the taste of meat is not in meat here bangs you twirl hear really, really, really, friends, this kitchen inside out today to show that I most often I cook sweet pepper plus as usual experiment the result was unexpected for me if it's interesting stay with me as usual I'll start with my lover recipe is fried Bulgarian pepper with garlic and tomatoes
  • 00:30: when you on the test prepared three things did not notice how they ate next time took 7 pieces anyway not enough to cook immediately pieces of 10-12 and still does not remain cutting garlic and tomatoes My pepper rubs me, I cut it and I put half the middle two or three garlic cloves and two or three lobules
  • 01:00: tomato Pepper is stacked to make a ticket vegetable oil firework and the heat under the lid is not yet browned from all sides minus this recipe is very hot
  • 01:30: but despite this, and still I was prepared very often ready pepper I spread on a plate I fill with vinegar and sprinkle finely chopped greens all multiply surrender The second recipe is a snack from baked
  • 02:01: pepper incredibly delicious and aromatic take bake in the oven entirely you can of course peel but then they are very convenient to peel so I'm just my pepper and spread on a baking sheet put in the oven at 200 degrees and bake in convection mode for 20-30 minutes You can turn on the neck for a few minutes and baked to a small blackening peel so it seems to me it turns out even more delicious While the peppers in the oven are preparing a dressing
  • 02:33: 100 milliliters of vegetable oil add crushed garlic 2 cloves dry basil about half teaspoonful spoons and hammers pepper I usually use a mixture of peppers it turns out salt and stir while preparing the pepper
  • 03:03: refueling is just inflow add another hot pepper package and leave ten minutes after this thin peel is very easy to remove remove the stem and seeds and cut the pepper on thin strips in the bangs you are circling you hear
  • 03:37: strips of pepper I put in a jar or any other utensils I pour the prepared fragrant oil now the second layer refueling
  • 04:07: 3 4 in total how much is obtained I leave it for about three to four hours and can be served I keep such a snack in the fridge for for a long time she certainly does not stay with us well, can stand in the refrigerator and a month and two you can add a little refueling apple cider vinegar or lemon juice then kept even longer I fall such a pepper
  • 04:38: and to meat and pasta chris can be added to the sauce and salad and yes just with a slice of fresh bread really, really, really, try to cook and also the baked pepper freezes in winter it seems even more fragrant to me than fresh-frozen and already skinless can be added to any dish accurately also bake clean the peppers delete stem and seeds
  • 05:10: I add 2 and 3 pieces to the package and I remove such pepper in the freezer in the winter it is very easy to cut off not defrost or simply break off piece and place freezer saved some pluses now stuffed peppers as without him yes, I of course often stuff a pepper meat and rice I will leave a reference in the description to whom interesting look but I want today share an unusual recipe
  • 05:40: stuffed peppers and it's hot and appetizer for taste as with meat but meat here there is no pepper cut along remove all unnecessary I fold the shape of an old I brush a frying pan with vegetable oil salt and put in preheated to 180 degrees oven for 20 minutes at this time
  • 06:11: fry onions and carrots on a small amount of vegetable oil carrots and rub on a large grater I put it in a bowl and let it cool down for a bit add parsley greens walnuts I chopped them with a rolling pin and cottage cheese from me home you can take any pickle cheese will also be delicious always the same
  • 06:42: chopped garlic a couple of spoons of sour cream salt oregano and white ground pepper all this is thoroughly mixed I get the peppers out of the oven spread in
  • 07:18: their stuffing I lubricate the remaining sour cream again put in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for another 20 minutes for 5 minutes until ready to sprinkle with my cheese stuffed pepper is ready this much faster than before with meat and rice but not less tasty is sure that many
  • 07:49: like even more on that experiment experiment until something happens, she is always the most pleasant fried course you can try out pancakes from peppers will be opened I cut the pepper and remove the seeds
  • 08:23: I rub on a small grater probably it is possible Well, I do not like their blender When the peel is dropped and therefore chose bale comes where the liquid love movie night can an egg in order why do you
  • 08:53: this will be a pancake amount that's a couper you bad person what pier will be enough for a place where he not [music] but their chelas i wanna see the sun
  • 09:26: you just dough turns out a bunch of themselves thin and garlic [music] Well, now fry color as if with red caviar then what should
  • 10:07: that's what we got let's try do not say all that is harmful necessarily you liked it then the experiment will be considered successful
  • 10:37: only need to try for the liver and live too helmets and still a holiday recipe appetizer from baked pepper whilst pepper I bake to cook stuffing rub the cheese boiled eggs grind garlic add a little sour cream and stir Alcohol peel and remove seeds
  • 11:10: I cut into such pieces put the stuffing on a piece pepper wrapped and pierced with a skewer beautiful when pepper of different colors for today probably everything is as usual see recipes in description try
  • 11:41: something to cook and of course write reviews subscribe to my channel and click on the bell that nothing to skip ahead a lot more interesting