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В Бразилии пассажиры на ходу выпрыгивают из автобуса - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: in brazil in the city of poppy by camera observation was photographed the moment when Passengers jumping their lives at risk on the move from the refuge to the bus to to escape from the gangster in the evening of 14 September three criminals entered bus and when the vehicle I started to move they took out their knives and demanded that all passengers pass personal things at that moment on the bus there were more than 12 people they all render the back of the bus the driver just reacted to the situation opened the back door we reset while doing this speed up to thirty kilometers per hour
  • 00:30: all passengers managed to escape part victims suffered bruises and cuts in time of falling from the words of the victims most of them could have traveled with all their things and only a couple of people declared that they lost important documents in the bank card wallets watch and bag The police of the city said that it was second attack in one day positively the same gang and 5 for this month in just the last year was 81 attacks on the bus police searched the whole area after the incident, not one of the suspects
  • 01:00: was not found [music] we [music]