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  • 00:00: Hello everyone this is another kitchen project I'll cook Valeria today homemade sausages recipe new look what happens will we need 1 kilogram of pork mince small
  • 00:31: I took a piece of brisket still because I have enough mince meat somewhere gram 150 salt 1 teaspoon black pepper half a spoonful of coriander 1 teaspoon nutmeg dry garlic is also one teaspoon we need to get as much as possible homogeneous minced meat so we'll run it through a meat grinder well two times at least add ground meat salt black pepper coriander dry garlic and a little over
  • 01:02: three nutmeg creates such a a chamomile some kind of drunk is straight peppery but very tasty meat perfectly combined now forcemeat very well we mix but that's not all now we need our minced meat to repel us take and that's how I'll beat him about his desk it's done to be happy
  • 01:34: protein strands and then without any appearance Our sausages will not decay and will be homogeneous and give stuffing lie in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes just to be able to shift into a cup'll set film and in the refrigerator a forcemeat lay down Now take the package and if you have dense food film can be take advantage such we type minced decently so turn off the film package and by any means
  • 02:08: such an adaptation can be taken ruler or knife with a blunt side we begin to compact so that the mince turned into sausage the thickness of sausages choose at its discretion can be a little thicker can be a little thinner on average somewhere here is such a little sausage should turn out so that and her on the plate it was convenient to fry was
  • 02:38: it is convenient to form all such sausages if you do these sosisochki on today they can be just like this and now put on anchor and freeze if you plan to save and use as need then this is how we wrap it in film Everyone and already so we freeze and it is possible and without any rulers and spatulas simply immediately form the film we need sosisochku I take 290 grams 90 grams here
  • 03:09: so that's mats and that's such a candy did pull her up and she's all there within if you can have air a little bit pierce and form this film we Then we will remove worry about the density not about number of layers just do these here handsome men we get from me the result is the amount of minced meat 12
  • 03:40: sausages for 90 grams and 2 to 65 if you prepare them immediately it is worthwhile to freeze them a bit 40 minutes and fry, but I want to after all about freezing them completely to see how they will behave themselves so I post in the freezer well, find sausages about froze absolutely we try to deploy and so here they now get me a skillet
  • 04:11: already warmed up on medium heat start to fry them unfold and fried turn the frying with one turn sides see what beauty neatly despite the fact that they at us without a shell look what they remain integral such integral report when let them even on all sides, and we will do such here is almost square of the four sides soldering fry bravely here this
  • 04:42: garlic flavor it actually is some sausage on the sausage is very delicious very nice and very appetizing continue to fry until done well Sosisochki and ready it's time try what we got that we have such an interesting thing here beauty try
  • 05:12: waiting for her, they are very delicious classroom you can see the sausages juicy what to go how much juice but I would honestly still be a little bit of fat would add and add it know such would scroll through the grille larger to even juicier turned out even tastier If your kids love sausages in the dough if they generally just like these
  • 05:43: delicacies that shops and say are not very useful then this option Ideal it is cool fit salt in moderation all the spices are gorgeous here I do not that's absolutely the place I would fall with potatoes of course now with a salad but in fact there are variations in the sea ​​and this is very conveniently froze quickly fried and fried especially if you have children like snacks you will always have something near at hand
  • 06:13: so yum yell honestly tell him sk men's food is one hundred percent this one hundred percent hit man I think that will be on Tuesday but all my friends and I went to feed my own family it was a project of another kitchen with you I'm a very successful recipe for Valery I recommend [music]