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Самый Кокосовый Торт. Нежный, ароматный и невесомый! The Most Coconut Cake. Gentle and weightless!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm cooking today. coconut cake is prepared easily and simply is obtained by a very fragrant bottom melting in the mouth cream in a cake is similar to cream coconut ice cream delicate air and Weightless we take 6 eggs , we add 200 gram of sugar 10 grams of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt whisk in a strong foam 5-7 minutes In parts, add 200 grams of flour 10 grams baking powder and 40 grams of coconut the shavings are neatly mixed silicone spatula cake designed for
  • 00:30: shape of a 24 centimeter in diameter but in shape for baking we cover with parchment Pour out the dough and bake it heated to 180 degrees oven to readiness readiness check wooden stick prepare the custard 750 milliliters milk is brought to a boil for three eggs add 250 grams of sugar and 60 grams flour we will connect a mass slowly with a mixer hot milk whisking
  • 01:03: We will pour back into the saucepan as soon as will turn off turn off add 80 grams coconut shavings are mixed and fully we cool it for this I poured cream a separate container and covered the food film buttock to the top not crusts were formed 200 grams very soft whipped butter for one tablespoon add custard every time whisk well at the end of pouring melted cooled white chocolate and mix with a mixer chocolate needs to melt on a steam bath
  • 01:33: or in a microwave for 10-15 seconds so as not to overheat the biscuit cool it it is advisable to let the lattice rest in it a couple of hours but you can collect the cake and immediately cut it into 3 cakes with the help of a thread untie does not advise so as the skin is very tender and will crumble better knife cake I'll assemble the connector us ring but you can do without it, I'll be flat shortcake impregnate 120 milliliters of warm milk and dissolved one tablespoon sugar and soak every cake you can use coconut milk on top
  • 02:05: distribute the cream and cover the next crochet so I collect all the cake a bit I shall leave a cream to grease top of cake and sides I put the cake in the fridge for six eight hours to soak I remove the ring top of the cake and sides lubricate the rest of the cream and sprinkled with crumb of I first grinded them in blender is decorated with sweets raffaello and roses that look like this in
  • 02:37: cut cake is obtained by a large high with a pronounced creamy coconut taste subscribe to my channel ahead of us there are many interesting and very delicious recipes required click on the bell to skip new videos but I wish you a good day and see you soon meetings