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Utyazhka of a muzzle. Detailed master class in registration of a toy of Teddie  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: now I'll show you how i do the suits Erotic eye for usyzhki us a long needle so that she can pass through head and any strong threads like super strong firm guterman and ours Russian 70 or 100 liters of me to the point where will be our eye socket and the liner is delineated
  • 00:30: I introduce a needle with a thread in one of the eye sockets I leave here its tail can be wrap around finger so that he does not slid inside head I'm taking a piece furs just a couple
  • 01:00: millimeters and output in the next eye tighten the thread I look out to sally no one is stuck again exactly the same indent a couple millimeters to grab a piece cloth and go back first eye pulling the thread
  • 01:32: I hold the tail we have already gone first suucker now we can be duplicated depending on the how much do we want so that we have deep eye sockets there is so to do two three or more times how do we tighten
  • 02:06: Rotary from one eye put the needle in Centre mouth make a stitch by line the mouth and enter needle again in the same grade now we move on to
  • 02:52: neighbor's eye and do with this hand the same thing there is a needle in car center do symmetric stitch with this hand and again enter into the same eye that is, not to you
  • 03:25: we get confused working with the right eye and do right side of mouth go to the left eye make the left half the mouth working through the left eye after you Here these here suits ended you can withdraw the needle down tighten both tip of thread
  • 03:55: tie up and crop