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Treatment of an astigmatism. EXERCISES FOR EYES at an astigmatism | sight Restoration  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All greetings, I am human Lazarev and we with you restore we improve our sight today by your numerous I will tell you the requests how can get rid of astigmatism doing certain a complex of exercises and so 10 exercises that will save us from astigmatism is the important for any eye disease is necessary train muscles eyes so that they strained and relaxed strained and
  • 00:30: relaxed here in certain complex we are now we will learn this make eyes to get rid of astigmatism palming our all I do not let's get tired of talking we begin with palming is desirable do it at night and so we rub the knobs until we have no hands We will make warm our with you company palm turn our hands physiotherapeutic device for this we straighten out each we rub the joint palms and apply
  • 01:01: their eyes so that we saw topics on there eyes close and sit like that two minutes closed eyes doing everything to our my eyes rested fully relaxed after this opening one's eye remove the palms and we begin to draw eight under closed centuries with the maximum amplitude that is as far as possible
  • 01:32: try to look eyes grab eyes as far as possible after the eight open your eyes and draw semicircles from left to right Breath from right to left exhalation left to right Breath from right to left exhalation feast lower half circle breath left right to left exhalation from left to right along right to left exhale with the maximum amplitude of motion eye after that we rub our hands again
  • 02:03: warm and warm hands massage carried over between the eyebrows eyebrows actively active massaging the nose of the cheekbone especially here our jaw muscles masseur and ears and neck here here neck neck
  • 02:35: muscles massage all it improves blood circulation and nourishes our eyes and the brain is the way I am today I'll tell you very much secret secret listen to the following exercise we start running glancing eyes running from point to point I draw with my eyes the figures different with corners different sharpnesses there is now here actively so we run with our eyes we run with a glance and draw these geometric figures are very it is important to teach the eyes do not stop
  • 03:06: long at one point a constantly move then we we begin strenuously blink and we blink strongly I blink a morgan as long as we have does not start to stand out lacrimal fluid actively moisten eyes moisturize the eyes while we are still with you not only wetting eyes but also massaged for centuries cornea and lens further known to us from exercise and actively draw our
  • 03:36: Celtic Crosses up down left to the right in the corners draw lines with we try as much as possible further them to breed from each other and draw circle only three of exercises to muscles of the eyes are active sodium elite 3 Kiev cross following the we have another massage we rub cushions on the palms [music] and carefully neatly
  • 04:07: gently touch the eyes We are massaging apples and relax the eye forcing the eye loosen up the next our exercise is you blink like a butterfly wings for a long time we blink as long as we have eyes will not get tired and finally under the curtain rub our hands again
  • 04:38: we make our you branded physiotherapeutic appliance rubbing interdigital intervals and this our physiotherapeutic we make again palming a minute into two we freeze with closed eyes creating the eye so that they are completely relaxed and rested and now it is time for
  • 05:11: secret secret friends are in china is very active Recommends engage in Exercises for the eyes Chinese doctors think that Exercise for the eyes which we do themselves in during the day they are very strengthen the eyes and help restore improve our sight and therefore it is in China as anywhere in the world very few people in glasses and in lenses and you what do you think help an exercise in disease control eye write in put comments
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