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  • 00:00: greet friends with you again dmitry marinovich happy welcome you to our channel simple english we continue deal with the verb to be in the past video we treated with you affirmative offers from a verb to you today the turn came interrogatory proposals so that same interrogative offer answer ingeniously simple is sentence expressing the question in which the speaker
  • 00:30: seeks to learn something or make sure of anything I think to us such a definition will be quite it is enough now question to you on what we are should attention in proposals before just think not I'm sure that everything answered correctly but the answer is simple an order of magnitude more a profound answer may be on place of subject and predicate in proposal in affirmative
  • 01:01: proposals with the verb to be after subject immediately follows the predicate, that is, we keep our setting that someone someone is I hope you remember about the m dmitriy from moscow I'm Dmitri from Moscow aymaki churov english I'm an English teacher shiizma yare green she is mary green she's in aysing angel she is nice and kind girl yes I'm in a mod
  • 01:31: dance they are my best students should note that interrogatory proposals in Unlike the affirmative reversed order of words or inversion, that is, we swapping subject and the predicate is very important to remember we change places subject and the predicate of our mother tongue question is usually given intonationally, let's I compare and Dmitry m
  • 02:01: and dmitry she is mary is she measure they are my best 100 and i am dai mai without through it's not the reverse we also use ascending intonation let's now we will make of our affirmative proposals interrogative who I am m th dmitry i'm dmitry moy and kechir
  • 02:31: I'm a teacher who he is he igory igor is he and find a manager on it who is the manager who she is of Mary and she shimerny stitch purple she is a good student what is this from this camera this camera from new he's new
  • 03:03: who we are and you to int people we are good people and you and good friends for good friends who you are or you a.yu. jane down you james smith a yuriy teach english you teacher of English and the last who they are adele stephence they are students of hell and always happy they always
  • 03:33: happy and now friends we came to the last type proposals negative I do not think it's worth it explain in detail what negative sentence I will say just what its structure is affirmative proposal from particle not after the verb to be pure pure we will disassemble all our examples in negative light who am I with the swords of the swords neither dmitry but I do not have notes and a titcher the teacher he is not igory he
  • 04:05: Igor is not he is not a find manager he does not go manager she's not a measure she is not mary she is not a good people she is not good apprentice it is not a camera not a camera it is not new he is not new way or not can people we are not kind people. good friends we are not good friends
  • 04:36: you are not James miss you not jane smith and wal kitscher notes look you are not a teacher English Well, that's the principle with the verb to be if y you have at least some questions are mandatory write in the comments I will definitely answer write to our channel put like tell friends with you was Dmitriy Maratovich bye Bye