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  • 00:00: [music] friends are happy welcome you to channel simple english you are traditionally dmitry marinovich Today we will disassemble conditional types verbs like you know the classification verbs on the very business is very difficult you you can find it in internet but usually always head on this sweats simply if this is sufficient in bit of verb type in English in any search engine and all I would like to you give the most simple
  • 00:31: understandable ie classification nothing extra let's watch on the board first a large group of it verbs to be on our channel you You can view the corresponding video when you translate proposal from Russian on English or when you are something you say clearly should understand that of the verb to be in Russian there is no language, that is, we do not say I have something there is she and therefore be very attentive and respectively tuba this is what we have with you real simple three forms of em es and when we are with you we work with tobi we always know
  • 01:01: stress that someone is someone either there is see more video on our channel second large group verbs are usually are considered in the theme present simple when they are express some manifestation physical activity jump to run to think fly walking and Play Running Doing the summer then their incredible with a large number of them, too we are careful use the ending with pronouns third person, that is she she she we are here must add from points indeterminate form the verb and
  • 01:31: issues and We must deny uses help or a verb is enough just time dudos too often called but we separate video that you understand and so the first first a large group is us you tuba it's like would state the second large group it's as if the action ie clearly understand condition tuba physical action activity active verbs there already negation there will be a dudos added to the same tube there will be a third inversion group 3 group verbs and to have got has got have either if Americanly
  • 02:01: traditional and yearly has got it classic british verb which the implies have if you have let Offer and I have something or I have something please do not translate the letter u then we must with you to use x god has got his year as I am already spoke with a point always comes with pronouns third party unity of number is he it that is me a little bit about his usa and always life in the year she she is always with it there is if you stress that hair that is do not have something always tangible you are using a verb a year has got a video on
  • 02:32: our channel there is another big comparative group are modal verbs and very easy to understand their meaning is because they are closely related to active verbs with manifestation of physical activity they express the ability any physical activity I admit I can jump a and kingdom i is obliged to do this this work almost do do is work or if he can he can jump jump will never say tell you he can jump then there are we combine with
  • 03:03: you model construction of degree relations with this and with our active verb if the question or negation of tone with by you modal verb verb and perform function ancillary verbs so they Go to the beginning when the question there is I can something make movie food and respectively we deny add to them a piece of candy I can not do it or he can not geladine can go there then there is on this all I hope this the classification was it is less understandable subscribe to our channel put like with you was dmitry
  • 03:33: marinovich see you remember simple english is the best you so far