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Китайская бабушка рекомендует - пирожки с зеленым луком! Интересная технология  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All regards this is another kitchen project with I'm alexander friends today how usually a new recipe try the recipe Chinese grandmothers I call him so
  • 00:31: found I liked the technology hope will tasty pies with green onions So, let's start with the first part of the test for it to us need 110 grams of flour a pinch of salt half a teaspoon of sugar 40 milliliters vegetable oil and 50 milliliters steep boiling water everything is done quickly until the water is not cold flour in a cup here the same salt and sugar all the way to end so mixed and now flooded
  • 01:02: boiling water and brew the flour straight shuffle quickly quickly The Chinese do it all with chopsticks and we that's how the shovel was mixed and now add the vegetable oil after which knead a soft dough friends of course for me so much dough knead well little seen how it turns out very
  • 01:34: soft and here the most important thing is that I, too I have read and what you want to have to say to use good oil whatever one may say cheap oil, it's too sparse Th there to speak see a good oil and everything you have get the dough right here I do not know how convey it in words but it's that something behold they are really soft and they are straight I want to mix it up and that's it. play with it, well, look at yourself
  • 02:06: it looks like it's so soft so you can call it even thin but very, very good to the hands does not stick enough oil to the table does not stick all the dough look like the taste of I am so very, very pleased with him work on the second part of the test Ingredients even less flour 75 grams and 35 milliliters of vegetable oil flour in a bigger cup here
  • 02:37: vegetable oil and knead to homogeneity here is the second part of our test called this stuffing is more such a crumbly we got a lot of weight but also soft and interesting in color even a little differs to look a little bit to me so it seems now and then both are covered with a film and Let the flour perish for half an hour
  • 03:09: will disperse swells at all it's different 30 minutes time has passed Now our task is each of these two types of test divided into 10 equal parts here is 196 that is for 19 and 6 grams and divide this piece and accordingly this we divide by 10 parts here so should you get one dough and the other now we take pull out a loaf of soft dough
  • 03:41: here our stuffing from flour and butter and here such here colobok joint do this is how it should turn out and now we take a film and it's right here on the table leave for 20 minutes let it stand come to the most interesting take zagotovochku straighten it like this rolled and twisted in this
  • 04:16: rolls and now these rolls are still 10 minutes under the film once again we take the workpiece and now roll out here in such a stripes wow already it is broken you saw rolled and still once rolled and left for another 10 minutes and we also need a couple for the recipe feathers of green onions a little sesame and egg
  • 04:47: or rather, the yolk from him we are the ray himself friends straight pretty dear chop it up so perfectly and we with you almost at the finish we take such a strip here in the center a little bow foldable fold the two rolls and send to the prepared sheet here
  • 05:19: so I love such recipes take the whipped yolk and that's so good grease the oven I have warmed up to 160 degrees bake for 30-40 minutes friends it all depends on your oven at they are all different as greased and show now that's how he zhutik sprinkle beautiful look good to me what did he want at least
  • 05:49: outside, see how they are inflated stunned now on the lattice I'll let it cool until all distilled began talking guys Wait and together with you try smell Interestingly onion and delicious puff test hot Well, try the toys before my friends stood more than an hour all I can not take the pie and now the Chinese
  • 06:19: patty sectional bays he's just a puffy gorgeous you've seen how many layers of stuffing do you think you can add a little more so that onion or some other sweet that can also be add to these pies I try the dough smells how cool the dough is very tasty friable I am in full delighted you yourself all saw sesame ray all this adds and adds a very
  • 06:51: original technology itself he liked the taste of me advise you try nothing terrible here Chinese grandmother recommends everything good while this project is another kitchen