Как сшить модный сюртук своими руками? Обзор готового изделия. Готовим гардероб на осень. Часть 3.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] you are reminded on the channel of fashionable practice that you see the video every day Today I am in front of you in a new coat with you passed the simulation we are with you did a fitting and here I am before you in ready-made frock coat I want you to see what ideal tuck off from him and goes into pocket seam from behind one seam no unnecessary details are not present but look how he lies to me the tailor said that sewed coat that the fabric itself made the fabric itself
  • 00:31: takes and right here she lies down here as it is necessary here you see here not pritaliny is nothing but it has a tweet how lies like this boards are reinforced all made very technological a lot was fucked current questions about sleeve and how did you change his sleeve about him We have already changed so many videos about this topic by knowing there on the south tube that we simply moved these sleeves and height and width and changed and not We changed this one here's the sleeve
  • 01:01: the only thing that's been 0 7 and all and so we are that we will bum anything We did not change much there not by them darts did not open anything simply painted a new shape you all already know how to cut the sleeve in this way and lift the top as far as possible its along and do still there still like this Here is the cut and the whole sleeve apart in all directions and if we expand the sleeve on the contrary arm and we need less need a little bit these ears are already cut off on this subject.
  • 01:32: so many lessons that you can not list them all but I think that we need this material somehow assemble or make separate somehow less a course that's this connection Prime's arm well under Prime's sleeve But we have not reached this yet so far the working moment, we go to that when probably the near future will do so because that not everyone can search in the south-tuba there it's all well, I want to say what we draw Here we take our base in the base and draw there's any armhole we still sew the same hand in which we have another
  • 02:02: The thing is that we can do it by freer as here for up clothes that I want to say for me the handkerchief then she showed the same as my favorite designer american from New York I get paid then shishov the same handkerchief and brooch and most importantly that a handkerchief and a brooch very straight here came even I have Shoes there on another heel on more wide com low too it will be possible I'm very happy with everything A set of cloth consists of cotton and polyester here is what matte is cotton then what are these shiny stripes
  • 02:33: polyester and he repeatedly does not pick up nothing meshes The fabric can be cut both along and across it at us here such blue calm light and black in color two colors we have such fabric fabric Ruffo coli I'm so proud of Rufa, of course, to such a models need the most simple buttons if I had such a smooth fabric Such a coat or coat would of course be make a look at the button and on this fabric You can also make a button slot but I do not I wanted to make it like this
  • 03:05: minimum minimum is absolutely minimal completely frock-coat different coat from coat coat it coat A frock coat is lengthened like a buffet if its so cut off it will be a normal pretty jacket nothing so ported here in style no, so it 's still a frock coat for all i I wish that we had such clothes which is but how could it not be very is in demand in our wardrobe because I myself do not like it very much in such a special clothes go to such a strong
  • 03:36: strict and at me clothes all such more frivolous, well , now I have There will be different meetings and sometimes look decent and that's all the points of me will help you out nothing special in the blood everyone saw If someone bought a coat and looked multifunctional dress still there some of our materials are all ours December materials on coat over we have a lot of clothes Of course, each of you is so chest will do whoever order Not the fabric we have, but the lining is here such very high quality such
  • 04:06: non-slip, not tearing, not stretching absolutely modern good lining cloth, this price for cloth is also enough adequate for and if I want to say a frock coat to be like me without a collar can be with a complex collar by any turn-down collar is absolutely can be a small stoichkoy is already who likes what so we also come to We can not sew a variety to all
  • 04:36: equally rynmihalna sewed but we let's repeat there is no one who is something let him add his own but remember the basic that here already the hand in should be correct length to be here already does not seem to fit there three-quarters of seven-eighths are shortened and so on the correct length of the product neat pocket a neat tuck without design surplus frock coat should be that's classic and when you will make an autumn spring coat there you will do everything that you want
  • 05:07: want to see I have these here stripes they are like this and so on but you you can walk along it you can unfold the other side depending on who needs the effect of someone may want to do on gold buttons please i had a goal to achieve modesty because I am so as well as I like to dress brooch sergeja and me gold buttons do not fit when I measured my coat and my sleeves like this Here they did so on my hand, I'm from this place can not stand even 5 millimeters
  • 05:37: so that not here was the length of the hand here this is my length here is my length I am so I love if you like me like this was the sleeve from so on hand, I would not have ever made a kind things not doing such looking for are shorter still Shorter still they die die die tear my sleeves here is my sleeve length absolutely such aristocratic length sleeves I do not like sleeves on the arm so who loves it like you would imagine do the length and I did not mean that I do not like I hate when I have a sleeve on hand if
  • 06:09: I will do something there is not a sleeve and here on my hand I then do not wear this thing yet its not to smoke from I'm very disgusted and on this account very well, that's all told you about I wish everyone a frock coat so that we finally have good coat good coat and good jackets than we can help you therefore subscribe to our channel 9 our videos with your friends, be diverse unlike themselves for day to day all the best with you was I'm already three mykhaylovna all our team
  • 06:39: but our masters of course who performed this work [music]