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  • 00:00: If there suddenly tasteless to though it would be nice in general it is not smart enough so cook both the color and the smell and taste as in ordinary pickled cucumbers only these are ready in seven minutes perry friends this kitchen inside out today again cucumbers but now experiments we will fry them and bake them until you write on the mainstream and shish kebab it was good nightly soak the skewers I do not cut myself it seems like such brusochkami will be
  • 00:32: normally it's not meat, so we will not marinate bread crumbs biscuits in me home eniac I always cook myself add hard cheese or dry garlic by my god of garlic is a lot of my mother let's have some more paprika spoon does not work perish volleys cool the I beat the protein 1 and have a rare salt in advance to make out of it extra juice
  • 01:06: I string on skewers with pieces of onions 2 cucumber and I did not salt but here the pepper add that is different more difficult to paint on the bottom we will eat you coated with whipped egg and sprinkled breaded
  • 01:36: oven for heating up to 200 degrees stack shish kebabs animating for example there are 5 more days [music] [applause] now appreciate how the taste of the case if
  • 02:15: all of a sudden tasteless to at least be beautiful try let's go now, of course, I'm here and A warm cucumber crackers unsalted mouse here did not solo others I'm cunning come on this one Slightly softer
  • 02:51: similar to the salted some pickled but not at all small [music] experiment let's wait until it cools down can be cold it can eat until a couple cucumbers fry I'll try in flour I'm so cooking zucchini I think cucumbers, too, will be cut
  • 03:21: rings pre- pocoso and grandchildren [music] Width of vegetable oil was transferred to a paper towel to
  • 04:09: remove excess oil smells like roast zucchini add garlic dill blooded hearing like a blood sauce I would try only necessarily well let's first without sauce will cover eat say like not no I like the clock I'll try
  • 04:39: zucchini and juicy juice inside remained super highly recommend that did not try champignons on this recipe once accidentally so prepared and now these mushrooms are constantly on our table just for dinner and on a festive table and back streak if suddenly unexpected guests
  • 05:10: and always I hear the same thing and I want more your mushrooms faster recipes cooking champignons as for me more tasty I'm not bad The taste is so saturated and diverse garlic reminds chicken grace with dill fried patties green onions chips and no one at once can guess how ready it is try once and you just say I want it yet prepare a salad of cucumber [music]
  • 05:43: a bit of a pessol add about the tea A spoonful of sugar and a little vinegar probably much the bottom okay let's try so I stir and I leave that cucumbers let the juice 20 minutes have passed is how much liquid it turned out now we are its sovem knife so eat smells good as well
  • 06:13: Son of the explosion now in butter fry some onions Dry cucumbers and a paper towel and add if dad saw what he was not group world around shock
  • 06:44: try vinegar very much it is smaller and sour cream you here cool probably need a little cool that sour cream or better yoghurt give now it's not so beautiful [music]
  • 07:19: give your chest you're the first the guest is sorry but the taste I'll try everything for sure generally would not have thought of this how to try it out inside actions to cook longer now one more thing after the movie where I am
  • 07:49: showed her several favorite and simple recipes with cucumbers sent to me An interesting way to cook pickled cucumbers in 7 minutes today decided to check it with a prescription for 1 cucumber three tablespoons of apple vinegar but I still add one and two dining rooms Spoons of water here also a teaspoon of sugar a pinch of salt and a little turmeric and add the sliced ​​cucumber and I stir here you need dishes that
  • 08:21: suitable for nicholas microwave power for me 800 watts somewhere for 7 minutes, three minutes passed Move handles are already mild colors are not simeon has passed [music] Soft so smell exactly marinated
  • 08:51: why then I'm more than confident that their you need to cool cucumbers have cooled I added a ray and drove with oil and color and smell and taste like ordinary Pickled Cucumbers only these are ready in 7 minutes this experiment is unequivocally successful very tasty cucumbers turned out and quickly if you suddenly need cucumber salad for example , you can cut it with a cube and
  • 09:25: just as well cook then simply cool and add salad store We do not need to run urgently called shish kebab cooled but his they tried everything very well It turned out like a cold snack that necessary crispy fragrant crust outside juicy center we liked it try it out of the ordinary unusual but delicious cucumber and better pre- salt and cook at 180
  • 09:57: degrees 20-25 minutes and be sure to cool hot there is no recommendation if they liked them change your favorite and subscribe on my channel do not forget to click on bell to not miss anything there are many interesting things ahead