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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends today we prepare aubergine salad in Moldovan for the winter principle is also pyaterochka different Cooking technology only prepare the following aubergine vegetables two with half a kilogram onions 700 grams brand 700 grams sweet pepper two kilograms of tomato and two kilograms parsley two pieces root and greens garlic 1 head bitter ground pepper one teaspoon
  • 00:30: Eggplant is peeled and cut large rings pour cold salted water leave for about an hour to leave bitter sweet pepper and peel Here are cut into pieces of onions thin semirings thin small pieces cut into carrots and parsley root
  • 01:01: [music] finely chop the green parsley garlic squeeze garlic and crust arbitrarily cut tomatoes so all the necessary vegetables we prepared in a pan pour the floor a glass of vegetable oil we shift into the pan with the onions and carrots with parsley stirring while stirring vegetables will not become soft
  • 01:36: Tomatoes are transferred to the bowl of the blender and we grind to a homogeneous state The tomato mass is poured into a saucepan and put on the gas bring to a boil and cook before thickening washed from salt and wrung out Eggplants slightly grease with vegetable butter and spread on a baking sheet parchment-covered bake in the oven at 200 degrees
  • 02:09: about 20-25 minutes add the pepper to the To us to one sauce and cook for about ten minutes The moment of boiling when the eggplant will soft we take them out of the oven now in the tank we connect the passivated vegetables tomato sauce with chopped chilli greens and aubergine add 2 tablespoons of sugar one
  • 02:41: a tablespoon of salt neatly put the tank on fire bring to a boil and cook more 10 minutes for the vegetables to warm up well before our readiness is added to our a teaspoon of ground red dish pepper crushed garlic and about 50 milliliters of nine percent vinegar
  • 03:11: we mix it into banks I place hot jars with salad in the dishes for sterilization pour warm water and put on fire sterilized for about 20-25 minutes from moment of boiling on a very quiet they and turn the lids turn the jars upside down and let it cool down
  • 03:42: a blanket output of finished products from such number of vegetables 5 liter cans salad it turns out very tasty and beautiful In the winter such a salad will decorate any festive table he will be an excellent snack and wonderful vegetable garnish if you liked our video forget to subscribe to the channel put Like and do not forget to click on the bell to not miss new ones
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