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Что надо сделать для ускорения работы, часть 1.

Что надо сделать для ускорения работы, часть 1.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: all hello will show a little ingenuity and cut fast trimming for continuous future work Well, we went to the very beginning, we still come back for now I'll try to show
  • 00:35: stage-by-stage laying of carpet elements on wall glue I use the lithium k55 on the comb 6 millimeters for tiles from porcelain stoneware 10 by 10 accurate markings and in advance prepared cuttings give us the ability to quickly and accurately work for a mosaic
  • 01:06: I applied a comb of 4 millimeters of a mosaic made of natural stone [music] [music] The elements of the cutter are made of travertine [music]
  • 01:37: but Well continue laying fixing the plane level
  • 02:19: we produce tiles and 15 for 15 [music]
  • 02:53: prizes from tavern We put strictly on the laser fixing rules [music] draw down top for precise marking of cutting of the milling cutter
  • 03:24: Cutting the milling cutter we will show in the next part of those who wish see all the details we subscribe to channel so as not to miss the continuation [music] We also place all the pruning along the laser and fix the level
  • 03:58: [music] [music]
  • 04:34: to whom the video was useful to put a finger top to no finger down and the next video we show how Correctly form corners and prune Frize all for now, thanks for attention