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  • 00:00: hello, we are in countryside clearance Samara Region came to get for the shooting show our device for fishing here is the landscape on the the fisherman is tent that to the 8th fishing rods all with electronic annunciator bites while we Preparations were made for him several times the alarm came on peak and all he was even out of the tent or
  • 00:31: never went out to show how our back device part of the tube is on usually stands from the store and this our own wonderful device we ourselves sweated Russian responses to all sorts of cunning Chinese fishing rods and other infernal machines
  • 01:02: with powerful springs if the fish pulls for fishing line bone tip falls occurs sweeping after this rod is easy is released from our device and it would be pulled out we show from what Our
  • 01:32: device that's special bent with frame of iron upstairs bar plastic tip it is inserted into it just here is this special frame the tip of the fishing rod put on the shelf abruptly passes through through a special loop with coils myasko tightened here the device is ready
  • 02:04: to work we already experienced this gear fished carpics on one of the fishing was 16 operations 20 works we caught only one idle operation is good sit on a fishing trip with bait on nature or even
  • 02:34: drink tea but still fishing like us for our guesses and assumptions that the same occurs there under water imagine the fish took the bait from someone hair hanging and seeks to spit out we are at the same time see the tension of the line can at the same time bug like ours all he baked neighbor of course does not have time nothing to do and consider that this peak
  • 03:05: already bespontovy it's not a bite he says so lives this is a sustainable fallacy we argue that short peak if on him on time react then this fish by the way our rack is here this way adjust up down thereby regulating sensitivity these are the stances we produce an approximate price table 150 rubles
  • 03:36: You can find us through the Internet waiting for your applications before meetings