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The openwork coquette from motives with brushes, Beautiful Crochet Cape (pattern No. 70)

The openwork coquette from motives with brushes, Beautiful Crochet Cape (pattern No. 70)  See details »

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  • 00:00: knitting Good day today I want to offer you tie can flirt with brushes is possible without it is the willingness to your choice is there we were binding motifs who have been knitting We already have the skills and that's knit attached to these grounds
  • 00:30: even the straps of we get this flirt which can be and continue to impose and pinafore is peak and can blouse and worn as independent let's clothes see how it fit we are yesterday learned to knit These are the reasons knit and connect backflow I return I linked and united 10's of the motives and
  • 01:01: I want to show how can be very beautiful decoration for his shoulders this can be such a cloak on the original topic on the T-shirt we did fully motif They tied up and we need to kit and make the top the bottom how this do we see here we work hard for both place is absolutely two three four five and fasten
  • 01:32: Air loops January 2 3 4 5 connecting here here we have a handle 1 2 4 5, we need to tie All our cloak 5 stitches injected between These column 2 3 4 5 not like so it is necessary to tie the amount to
  • 02:03: you are doing dovyazyvaem first row connection column move on and knit another two three four five accurately also 12345's second knit
  • 02:34: number 3 and beta 3, we ryadochka we say top unite and below a little different Greece tied our air hinges lined crochet Now look here at we do not get 10 Now highlight motivation Here's place We begin to knit dimple up for of us that it is necessary three
  • 03:04: column transition I done connecting 123 reach the Central to such country even here it is possible do so here we have 1 2 March central arochki in them we begin Knit 1 column second column 2 aerial loops and more 2 column tie just like veerochki
  • 03:36: lyamochki then we have there will be such a flirt This decoration on shoulders It is such a cloak the original is in We can put on T-shirt on the topic 12 here are two more column here and we were here to pray
  • 04:07: but column joining that We had it all Now the same Our task knit These three fans turn knitting the opposite direction connection join column can lodge air loop and knit fan knob reverse 1 2 3 2 column 2 Air
  • 04:39: Loop 2 columns and more thus razochek We will contact you lyamochki one side to the other in We will have a interesting decoration maybe it will be be the beginning of dresses maybe it's just in the tee shirt dress is beautifully Now look very Here is a
  • 05:10: veerochek one two three three pieces of air loops made turned back connection column connected Now it all begins re-knit here through such a frame shoulder knit and reverse side join show then as knit mommy It was regarded 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 November 10 and 14 15 18 19 20 21 number knit from
  • 05:44: back then we will peppers from backrest motif, too found three central and air and crustaceans it just simply tie here at each arochki bind their arches of them have 3 also can be right here column column make in this way and then connect
  • 06:14: exactly the same arches associate the same fresh with dimple the reverse side of the we will have such some beautiful this should be in a hurry column between columns and column and here is the third arches the same as for a Craig slowly bar column, without sc
  • 06:47: provyazyvaem all our bars and all this before Our frame will well fixed consolidated cut thread the strap and our first ready here here we do well It goes hand in request if longer armhole then you need to knit longer if the strap armhole medium the size of something like this Now that would be good
  • 07:17: we now just also equally Now knit distance here three central air hinges knit the exact same veerochki contact us with you flirt Contact us with your lyamochki now final article what is my on the table tell you
  • 07:48: this we brush that is, is such a year-old model will will end such that the brushes it needs to make I mean measured approximately it is necessary to combine two times to brush It was stouter not, here I am made brushes are different short long So I took them 3
  • 08:18: ie three strings three times measured an times timed trimming these brushes I linked several some sliced stuff so they have It is folded twice twice folded and Let's see how that is each every span everywhere
  • 08:50: we have between columns to between the posts and sit down and, in principle, It looks very rarely that is, we see what we do strings We work hard so I have for this topic It obtained this we are here in this loop way tighten knot here and we
  • 09:20: it turns out that's a is such a brush pretty well here all I brush I tried but between the posts and make sure here you see where distance us much remains Here, too, can be make another brush because you have course to it looked all nice we measure that they were the same measure away our brushes and do more
  • 09:52: where do still have we may be less Now that is done We measure the basic length can be made certainly much shorter but I know Vedenov raffia and there is a very long and it is very looks nice, I I had to repeat here that is three times three we cut the strings fold in half
  • 10:22: Now we align all looking for a place where we Now here are the gaps so that is the main I of course already made here inside jam through loop, and now with the most loop and tighten we get here so beautiful long brush that Of course we need will then align ie we have
  • 10:52: expand all our yoke our I brush aligned necessarily Comb Comb yes that's all the tips straighten that all looked very nice and tidy is the main at knitting that was beautiful and neat and is such we have interesting summer on the basis of a flirt hexagonal
  • 11:22: motives based hexagonal motives a thin tracery cotton yarn it turns out here such interesting coquette it is possible to link the two series, see here at We have reasons if they are here and so on second row to tie and then connect knit the same brush as an option, too, It is very nice
  • 11:53: look offering you try associate this summer decoration all pleasant view subscribe to my Like channel and place