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  • 00:00: fucking ikebana stesa We arrived somehow at the cottage and here we have gift from friends my greetings to all my friends as you guessed it today will go about a new well that we dug their own hands on a joke of course friends we ran out of water in our wells and then bang and for one day we
  • 00:31: there was a new well so guys Today there will be a vidosik like us ennobled today we quickly and touch finally build a house for a well and so friends today will build frame house frame house in Russian Finnish Scandinavian technology has become be that the ground we will have friends my lower strapping my friends will be ours from the board 50 per 100 roof gable option total roof area 2 and 4
  • 01:01: square meters foundation my friends reinforced concrete foundation depth 12 meters below freezing ground drove let's make the most simple let's now do the square we need to do the base radius is known to us the rest is said very very just went [music] who got you my friends from us here
  • 02:45: such here so a square for fastening we used everything they found in the barn a it's just such nails here are these here are the corners and of course here are such black self-tapping screws are actually such a thing at us it turned out means friends for what Well, here these shelves are needed. Well, first of all they to us, as they say, pulling out the diagonals secondly, we now eat and put why is it right that here from here here from here from under the earth no hedgehogs and cats of our neighbor did not climb and did not
  • 03:15: drowned in the well yes it is important this class on the basis of one board is enough By the way, we were deceived in the market we will say something like that called yes because the adult seller sign up We are convinced that such builders like us are very a lot of board is lying on the site touching her neighbors came to take a three-meter yeah well, actually, that's it, that's all guys Now no one will crawl under us start now as they say do rafter system aunt smoothness is
  • 03:47: smoke let's him [music] [music] so friends, well, that's what we have here
  • 05:13: turned out a small door as it is said that the head and bucket should fit let's crank a head the size of a bucket and so we sewed up our house at sb Julia is now trying with us here at somehow screw the door john da friends I'm in shock time autumn time is six o'clock but according to the sensations as if already a pancake Deep evening guys do we probably two parts from our fucking such a well
  • 05:43: because otherwise we will just be here under the light bulbs all this shoot and you do not you will see here so we plied at sb for By the way, on the one hand, we have up to almost an integer sheet almost integer sheet and here is a ban Here it is you and patches for scraps of patches and how do you like But we have calculated we have left exactly 1 sheet of s.b. so actually these are the things here now let's wrap it with film us here neighbor cats do not go there fell into this our emerged, and yes and all and leave it all our pleasure on
  • 06:14: next weekend will come finish us still waiting bitumen flexible shingles and this one here piece we throw the car glasses tossed we throw in the lining learn how to simple video to do for 2 teas but yes and Then how can a five-minute video sound on interests learn well come on then all the while the guys are