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Маринованные грибы, быстрого приготовления. Очень просто и вкусно.  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear friends, guests subscribers of our channel I want to say that we have already begun [music] shooting of alcohol drinks and whether it is up to there will be many more settings different kinds and for women and for men were manchas to New Year will be than
  • 00:32: please will be with us New Year's salads we will have a buffet table sandwiches and will very very delicious meat with oranges and today we have marinating mushrooms very fast way it's our mushrooms and tonight we we'll do it tomorrow will be ready that is, let's say so about good time for us days friends were quick cabbage now
  • 01:03: we quickly take away we quickly accurately same recipe sense awesome tasty and funky Quick try and so we begin with me champignons I them now will ask how many kilogram one hundred pro half a kilogram there slightly more was so to speak half a kilogram now I'll cut into four parts they are because there are small ones
  • 01:33: large them say so these are the pieces this is already I would be so called these here these mushrooms will be snack bar drawn well, as if on a rum it cuts me down without did not spoil you today they will are very similar and unlike something about practically as marinated from here barrels are only much tastes better at
  • 02:03: taste and so bitch on fork on the hook reef barrel on the left little mommy's machine correctly i do not I'm afraid of this word I want to tell you why we, well, not at once when preparing tinctures require time she brewed as a at least a week or even more then rest then it is removed
  • 02:34: a long process it's all over this all and work on this tincture alcohol nobody canceled everything will be believe in the window we all fish on camera we will not cut we shall cut and habits and girls but you but we must do marinade on the floor kg of mushrooms as and spoke at us goes 100 grams of water 100 grams
  • 03:05: we have 50 grams vinegar at once question because you are so percentage take offense at me 6 percent 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 teaspoon Sahara Here so the proportions the proportion is this also goes here because I am today determined that all
  • 03:35: before the peas I twisted but me coarse grinding therefore I'm here to pour pepper It does not hurt will usually hurt here goes the paths and we we put this saucepan on the stove and bring to a boil this little one amount of water correct memos small amount water why small because mushrooms give their water your juice and
  • 04:07: water will be enough that is, this is number of large reball but here's a amount of water please do not get scared this all on or one is enough everything will be like the best houses of london and whispering correctly it will boil I help my wife while means at night cool so dissolve with time until garlic cloves
  • 04:39: a piece I want say already this aroma I have already sorry until tomorrow because it starts open pepper begins veneration Santa salt and sugar aroma of almost we are very finely garlic cut the chop is not necessary through the crush got
  • 05:11: of course we have almost here goes boiling process yes you here send garlic garlic and now we are here send our mushrooms you can see how
  • 05:42: nothing is fluff believe me right now I I did not start to start there will be everything in order and everything will be Here it is necessary and all time stirring soft and mixed very angry them a little bit says garlic mixed all this once the olzchik mixed now here we are
  • 06:12: we'll see as soon as boil it's all up to me prepared a timer for 5 minutes and turn it on Mushroom timer must leave 5 minutes is disabled for cap on a weak boil should not boil over weak boiling they must leave 5 minutes now we turn on when boil show people how this music went here they here yet they boiled and already
  • 06:43: there was how much did you see everything rose mushrooms decrease in size and the liquid in size increases here why we did not suffer slicing I'm right that is , 4 parts average values mushrooms are cut and if a little there barrels can still be do not cut it at all yes I will decrease today I sat down a snack bar came before closing so
  • 07:15: I got it buy a little large and curious not a cop that would I wanted to, but here I am. here that's here that's Here's the boil I forgot put there is here you see how it was necessary here a single one trap three how much do you lie here which one
  • 07:46: a large one small one more molecule little was not and not It is so vulgar will comprehend well diminish azad times if not the whole thing is better this do and move here do a little nose and cover cover and turn on timer five minutes exactly john minutes they everything is fine there meet through
  • 08:17: stones on gives a sign timer turned off here timer we turned off turn off the gas and so we succeeded. there is no parsley of the gift mushrooms and there is also parsley of dill chopped dried up chopped dill we add after
  • 08:48: the way we left Did they teach that all we were not seething with this we have already gone to work we cover the clearing by or especially the fate of cancer and add olive butter but if not olive then Well, well, to whom to what am I prefer olive she first squeezing and very who can not I
  • 09:18: not weight would be hammered but if a person does not have olive can be conventional placed oil can be cited not smelling everything now it's mushrooms often not a little bit I 'll get them down I will shift the jar and tomorrow they will be three flight not on balcony to go they are on the balcony here and tomorrow turn on and show what they will be on table and for today all subscribe to our channel and tomorrow
  • 09:49: We will show yet Of course the video will be one passed well, it's smaller days probably passed because but all the same we are off work today Friday closed tomorrow a nice bar us so that day like at us they will roll here as once to this business here such are the mushrooms that's what we have here it turned out yesterday in the evening we did it was possible in the morning
  • 10:19: to eat here here such here's the beauty here see how they are look time days friends today we changed our wife in some places today I'm operator, I'm well let's say the subject tasting a person is like this to bite a nut of course in the frame is that vizkarika not to fry therefore therefore in
  • 10:49: this time I'll say it okay for experiment [music] I want to do small addition to the means to how to supplement
  • 11:19: our mushrooms I took fresh ray half cut cute and beat with boiling water but literally one a minute and then immediately same cold water and then a goby becomes crisp water speech in no way case it is not will spoil provision of smelling like that he is less smelling will bite his hand himself asleep like an apple
  • 11:50: such as everyone came to me also try driver . that my own thebes from the face yes, I as snack bar option now I'm doing myself Butera on this chick-chring shish kettle bitch so that's what tell him friends To your health stay with us recipes will you be already
  • 12:20: horseradish is getting ready i I think a few Well, most likely either end of this weeks is when this video will be released either start the next will go alcoholic recipes and maybe even earlier maybe i will do some we have quick cabbage now eat fast mushrooms Maybe I am disease such vidosik fast tinctures which are also maybe if you it will be interesting
  • 12:51: Tell me I'll do it. now pleasant appetite is your gift health well [music] crunchy onion as a snack bar
  • 13:24: option is divine subscribe to channel stay with we are interested in being he, too, all over till [music]