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  • 00:00: These statistics did not simple but very tasty dish dumplings of the potato officer and grandchildren and Here again you supply that is and tests and stuffing will not be absolutely after Tatyana money for this as in the Urals and forms of inappropriate calls it Rospechat So let's start and start cooking them. test it's so then it's ok after and again we need 2 glasses of flour half a spoonful of salt this time less and if yes add two tablespoons vegetable oil trestle steep
  • 00:30: boiling water suppressing oils levine boiling water Iraq Mishin writes a spoonful because it's very hot from how we know the details of the day actions and provide such major scientific tanks this place and his hands this moment those too will get a little bit and ways in such a pleasant to cure from the mind of the reader like this and not someone and something that postponed further we collect so is and in the uniform test
  • 01:01: and then moves to the work surface repo rate in this way in the garbage dump you need just windows but a maximum of two tablespoons tests inflexible and only make a good such a soft enough dough of course this test where that minutes 5 7 depending on intensity remember how the patrician ambassador it says just so it will be solved must definitely give them a break
  • 01:31: now about twenty minutes Although often and a lot of science did not go who will not be needed only in the very beginning of the present so this is the top can safely knead the dough on such a crime board it will not be seen very pleasant dough is very pleasant on feel as it should turn out such a pleasant soft consistency Papin's dough is covered with a bowl
  • 02:07: leave a rest for about 20 minutes and while those who is resting Togliatti cooking fillings for the filling we need second potatoes on Saturday, August 8, a rarity on a private Ryazan Loco since a so Loko does not give these potato days high so I reached the first one the same year adds a tariff on the rent and it's like can be less, but it is the Chinese who do not drink because the dish will lose very much but do not be lazy and are acquired in this way, but if
  • 02:37: can you do this to us and again also finely small cubes we cut potatoes Again, I repeat that I do not Lose slice because if on the third as something that his this dish of course you cook faster but it will be less tasty to me it took four degrees of potatoes however shell plc Well, you can take more potatoes less adroitly it all depends on our courses Otherwise, as he does not smell of finding application of
  • 03:07: potatoes will be and although it is desirable to put the filling on all because I've achieved excess liquid filling was not important constant stress tests this is how the ipad looks like it rested it is very practical very well stretches and it is very pleasant to work Five as a letter to the flies by hand such a close and books it is very easy to unroll
  • 03:37: no one and no one like the usual test very practical very soft This is a matter for the usual technology park idea and I I believe that pr it was only then time and enough tons will certainly follow the vareniki we cut the crumbs almost a test we collect will not help but
  • 04:08: time so then this is the second time on the middle of each lid and spread out stuffing and let us stay in power peter matches receipts if he tries to show how it is makes himself although doing it slowly is very difficult Somehow as the sales department of the hand themselves sat it's slowly getting problematic 5 thousand it does not mean that in fact it is Once again
  • 04:39: it is understandable therefore while such tests the instigator is formed The result is so distinguish h i again holy tip further nudges pushes with the whale again since the Institute Another network as soon as everything is the rest of the aleks steam room leases an ax
  • 05:10: park them with fingers long enough where tribes 12 15 links to 3 40 artek and he needs time under the songs they can not be welded by brothers like a regular guy and it can withstand Baku and to withstand such a long park on my view of the steamer still gets release of guard after cooking in rent necessarily grease or vegetable or butter butter or oil the country taets such varenki with sour cream and in social personal contact
  • 05:40: option After dinner is ready and again with an unconventional wish a pleasant appetite