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  • 00:00: In this video, I'll tell you how to make you buy cold water at a price hot. How to deal with this and understand what is more profitable: to heat the water with a boiler, or continue to buy water from the boiler house. And just tell you how a water meter can make your life easier or even save you money. If you are one of those people who are self-repairing their car or trying to find out for themselves what has broken in it, I recommend that you watch a video on the channel of Ivan Saychenko. Ivan works in a car workshop and shares his experience in repairing automotive electronics. Shows how the machine is made from the inside, conducts experiments,
  • 00:34: as well as he has a section "Cases of tin on SRT". Where interesting cases are shown: rare breakages, severe defects, and just jokes in the car service. Subscribe and you will not regret. Link in the description. The most banal situation is as follows. You wake up from the morning, go to the shower, open the tap with hot water and waiting. Wait until the tap is cold water, because hot flows, for some reason, not immediately.
  • 01:04: Familiar? And while you drain the cold water, the meter counts this water as hot. A curious spectator will object. "Immediately I go hot." Here everything depends very much on the water supply system of your house. I will not bore you with technical nuances, but I'll say it shortly. If you open the tap and you almost immediately have hot water, then there is circulation in your system. If you have opened the tap and wait a long time until the water has heated to the desired temperature, then your system is on the backwater without circulation and is cooling down for a while while no one uses water.
  • 01:35: And every time, you pay for the cooled water, like for a hot one. A little offensive? True? Is there anything you can do about this? Can. "Well, it's great, I'm hot going at once." Do not rush, as in this case, users often overpay for hot water. "How? Here's the receipt." The counter counted the flow of hot water. "Where is the overpayment here?" To answer this question, we first deal with the norms and laws. Hot water must be not less than 60 and not higher than 75 ° C in accordance with sanitary norms and regulations from 2009.
  • 02:08: Deviation from the norm at 3 ° C in the daytime and at 5 ° C at night is spelled out in Resolution No. 354 of 2011 more are not valid by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 2013. For violation of the temperature norms of hot water supply, you are entitled to compensation: 0,1% for every 3 ° С deviation from the norm for each hour of using hot water of inadequate quality. And for hot water temperatures below 40 ° C, you generally have to pay for cold water rates.
  • 02:38: Complicated? Let's repeat. First, we will understand the regulations and laws. The most important thing that you need to know is the temperature of hot water can not be lower than 60 ° C and can not be above 75 ° C. This is the temperature at which bacteria perish and the likelihood of burns is low. "Oh, come on, your legionnells start dying at 50 ° C." In different sources in different ways. Probably, some kind of bacteria dies already at a temperature of 50 ° C, But it can take from 5 to 6 hours.
  • 03:12: Although at the same time, at a temperature of 60 ° C, bacteria die within a few minutes. "Well, they are dying, well, why should I apply these norms?" And secondly, the lower the temperature of hot water, the more expensive it costs us. "And why is that?" Everything is very simple. And the attentive spectator probably already guessed that the lower the temperature of hot water, so we will need it more in order to prepare a comfortable temperature. After all, we almost do not use hot water in pure form, practically always we dilute it with cold water. As a rule, we use water of such a temperature that we can comfortably take a shower, wash our hands, wash dishes.
  • 03:44: In general, for all this temperature is different, but according to the average data this temperature is from 35 to 40 ° C. Take 2 jugs and prepare a mixture in them with a temperature of 40 ° C. Only in this jug we will pour water at a temperature of 50 ° C, and in this jug we will pour water at a temperature of 60 ° C. Obviously, the higher the temperature of hot water, the less it will be needed to prepare a comfortable mixture. On average, the cost of hot water is 5-6 times higher than the cost of cold water.
  • 04:14: Thus, we obtained 2 completely identical jugs with the same temperature of water. But, unfortunately, in this pitcher the water turned out to be 18-19% more expensive than this. "Yes, wait, Professor. Not counted yet. " For convenience, we have prepared a good-natured calculator that will help you calculate. All you need is to specify the data from your receipt: the tariffs for DHW and HWS, water consumption, and the settlement month. In principle, if you do not know the temperature of your cold, comfortable, hot water, then you can leave everything as is.
  • 04:46: Having only tariffs and expenses, it is already possible to see how the cost of a conditional jug of comfortable water varies depending on the temperature of the DHW. For clarity, there is a graph next to it and it shows the same, namely how the cost of your comfortable water increases with a drop in temperature. But the most interesting begins, if you know the temperature of hot water and it does not correspond to the norm. In order to show the calculator in work, I'll take a real Moscow receipt from the apartment where it was made cold, hot and comfortable for the owners of water.
  • 05:17: Let's get started. Tariffs on the receipt: 180 rubles 55 kopecks and 35 rubles 40 kopecks. Yes, these are the Moscow prices. By the way, pay attention to the fact that hot water here is 5 times more expensive than cold water, about which I spoke a little earlier. Consumption of 10 m³. Everyone spends differently, but here the fact is important, that cold and hot are spent almost equally. Now you will understand why. Receipt for May. So the ordinal number of the month is the fifth. Knowing the ordinal number of the month, the calculator will take into account the number of days this month for the correct calculation of compensation,
  • 05:47: if you are, of course, compensated. As you can see, the monthly cost of DHW on the receipt is calculated immediately. While all is true. Let's continue. The owners measured the temperature of cold water, it was 16 ° C, comfort water 39 ° C, and hot water was 53 ° C. See the table below. The temperature has gone beyond the limits of norms. Total: the calculator immediately deduces that the payment for DHW is unfair. And now it becomes clear why the owners spent so much hot water. Remember the pitchers?
  • 06:20: So it is here. Due to the low temperature of hot water, its consumption has increased, in consequence of which the cost for the communal area also increased. We taught the calculator to calculate, according to the law, compensation. For every 3 ° C deviation from the permissible hot water temperature the size utility fee is reduced by 0.1% of the fee for each hour of retreat in total during the billing period. To whom it is interesting, the link to the resolution I left in the description for this video. And the formula for calculating the compensation used in the calculator, I leave directly on the screen. Our formula may not be entirely correct, since lawmakers do not specify exactly how to count the steps of deviation from the norm.
  • 06:53: If you understand the legal nuances and know how to correctly, Please, write in the comments the correct version and I will definitely make changes to the calculator. As you can see, for this Moscow apartment the calculator calculated compensation, which exceeds the cost of hot water on the receipt. What to do in this case? I recommend inviting an independent expert, making measurements, fixing everything in an appropriate act. After that, contact the management company to have them recalculate. It if it is short.
  • 07:24: In fact, this is a separate big topic and depending on the regions in which you live, dances with a tambourine can be very different. If one of you, dear viewers, was trying to recalculate from the management company for hot water, please, write to me on mail. Write what you had to do, what documents to collect, to whom you had to turn, and how much you spent all your time on it. And, perhaps, I will make a separate video for those who want, but do not know how to make the boiler room heat the water to the desired temperature. "Wow, professor, maybe well, they all: ZhEKi, boiler houses. I'll buy a boiler, I'll heat myself water."
  • 07:54: Boiler, the idea is interesting. In one of the following videos, I'll talk about installing a boiler and its maintenance. In the meantime, we have taught the calculator what is more profitable: to put the boiler and to heat the water itself, or buy hot water. To do this, just specify your electricity tariff to the calculator. I know that there are two-rate and even three-tariff meters, but I will take as a basis all the same Moscow apartment with a single tariff for electricity. I introduce a tariff of 5 rubles 38 kopecks and I see that a boiler in this apartment will not be a profitable solution.
  • 08:25: I will say right away that the boiler, in most cases, will cost more. As a rule, its own water heater goes to payback in case the temperature of hot water is below 40 ° С. But such a temperature, this is already a violation of the law. If the hot water is below 40 ° C, you have a legal right to pay for DHW services at cold water rates As long as the supplier does not begin to supply water of the proper quality. I'll leave a link to the calculator under the video. To use it, just make a copy of the document and substitute the values ​​from your receipt. If you are unlucky and the temperature of your hot water is below 40 ° C,
  • 09:00: so as not to run every month and not fill out these pieces of paper for compensation, you can do it simply: buy a counter, for example, "Sayany", which considers water with a temperature below 40 ° C as cold. That is, everything that will be above 40 ° C, it will be considered as hot, everything below 40 ° C will be considered at cold water rates. The truth is the cost of such a counter, about 5,000 rubles. Although the manufacturers promise that this meter will pay off within two years, but here in each case it is necessary to consider. "Yes, I told you, with my hot water all my counters at the airplane prices gave me good."
  • 09:31: Well, if the temperature of hot water is okay and you want comfort when taking readings from meters, pay attention to the meters, with which you can take readings remotely. Of course, "Elehant" is not the first one who came up with a remote reading, but I think they found a balance between value and functionality. Instead of complex twists just made a Bluetooth-transmitter thanks to which you get data from the meter directly to the phone within a radius of 10 m. And if the smartphone is not available, then the data can be received on such a remote display.
  • 10:02: True it will have to be purchased separately. The counter is developed and patented in Russia in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. For more details on how it works, see the link in the description for this video. And, by the way, by the end of the month you can buy these meters with a 10% discount on the promo code. In conclusion. In 2016, Rospotrebnadzor initiated an initiative to lower the temperature of hot water by 10 ° C. Ostensibly, this will reduce the risk of burns, and in order to keep the level of disinfection
  • 10:32: Minister of Housing and Communal Services Mikhail Men proposed that once a day, let's say at night, raise the temperature of hot water supply to 70 ° С. And it seems all right, but now you understand that a decrease in temperature by 10 ° C should reduce the cost of tariffs. Do you remember the pitchers? I do not know how the initiative ended, but, in my opinion, they wanted to introduce it in 2017 as well. But while it is still hanging half way up to the official act. Perhaps, the ministers of the ministers remembered in time that with lowering the temperature it would be necessary to lower the cost of tariffs for hot water. But probably, until they came up with reasonable reasons not to lower the cost.
  • 11:06: In any case, now you know that lowering the temperature of hot water entails an increase in the cost of utilities. I hope this video was useful for you. That's all. With you was Artem. Till. Hey. Mr. Minister of Housing and Communal Services Anton Meh Michael Men in general So, the jugs of a jug So, let it be to the left probably
  • 11:38: Is it to the left? Damn, but how to show something? Hmm ... I mean raise my right hand Right or left? But in the frame, did my right hand get up? Wow Eh. We need to sleep, probably just. Pancake. Dancing with a Tambourine Will go.