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We DRY HANDS - we grow thin at home

We DRY HANDS - we grow thin at home  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] we will put our We devote training to spring and summer because the pen should be approached reduce the diameter once the handle is opened two straight 34 connected euro 3 The shoulders of the triceps strained and now exhale exhale you
  • 00:34: warm up the shoulder joints because they always help in any way hands and dinner commands blood to tricep rhythm listen to music exhale breath under hudeesh reduce exhale an exhale and then a feeling of a collar governmental area went to work with hands of the goal collar words of the back Detained handles were driven off when straightened
  • 01:06: and the feelings she straightens. she turns to the people behind her like a hut see 30 already tensed hand when completely straightened look but not snaps into elbows here went the strain of the triceps now take wounds hole 4 kilograms three to four kilograms 34 kilograms we take handles with light grace panthers dumbbell hc hold your hands up elbows We call q down to the right angle
  • 01:39: look and on the exhalation rise the breath of the elbows Do not stretch and elbows are constant ear and as soon as you spread out and varnish . start the spinning part of the back We do not need it to work, therefore elbows slightly clearly looks at the ceiling although look raise dumbbells up then I put slow music you just in static keep just a party already tighten the handle to 10 all pull up the extensor muscles the weakest part of the hand
  • 02:09: alas already listen musi tempe on blue yes and reaching [music] on exhalation dumbbell lift chic and now look than hate like this staging the body Look, she does not want a spin. Flat as soon as the elbows are pressed q himself and now all the girls a little nuance legs slightly bend at the knees for
  • 02:40: in order to reduce the load on the loins upper back works it beautifully it is beautiful to be carried out but the legs are always slightly bent remove the load from the waist thanks to that the bows moved back beautifully straight back slightly more straighten more all yet under here it's gone stretches on look like a skinny dry wind as thoughts move on this
  • 03:12: the skeleton is visible as we move again but the corkscrew yes look for good how much data can not make them as a child 27 whether 23 and see he can mom is proud to stop detained do not have to let anything girls After a minute and keep hold static especially thought the hands themselves are beautiful keep hold and watch for direct
  • 03:43: angle in elbow when acute elbow the names of the elbow joint are heavily loaded we already said that pretty injured easy until after them 2 on the turn as Wednesday elbow joint therefore do not do As in knees we at squats not the case of acute angles such cities as Raise a little above the arm with you will show how not to do not lora right now does not enter the camera with these elbows
  • 04:13: keep hold a little more 15 more seconds hold all the steps feel the pain for the whole and Ksyusha if someone does not feel the tension at 30 so I'll come here here llena already I felt but started up the dumbbells fun and who's hard for girls just empty hands continue to work and all Yes released
  • 04:44: but now we are going smoothly small dumbbells or small bottles becomes on all fours of us from fame god at home mat on which to stand can be feline on canine father want two dumbbells or two bottles take one pen your father look at the elbow raise the humerus here is the shoulder forearm and hand humerus parallel with foul exhalation inhale to the right angle you are up to
  • 05:16: first we work two dumbbells then one dumbbell chk a and finish off the pen without a dumbbell you can immediately ask questions of the hall for 30 seconds, then there is a minute and a half we dry the hand one and a half minutes and 23 seconds from me bows 30 seconds 1 min . 30 seconds without weight up to 20 times thought before me from me to record time do not interrupt Yes, do not move where elbow moved
  • 05:50: look humerus mobile only straightening only straightening acute angles do not do spinochka exactly look forward to head do not lower look ahead is some kind of exhalation sharp elbow let's let go of one manta lichku
  • 06:21: continue the second 30 seconds with one more gank [music] to whom it has taken off your Crimea [music] think pay attention after all, not only 30 running a back beam
  • 06:51: deltas the dacha mascara is connected here collar zone of the back and continue without Dumbbells are getting better and faster Turn on when you work without a body kit you can already have a little more speed and to the end shed blood who does not work day and work ten nine eight seven six five
  • 07:24: four three two one way who is the most The second handle of the logos we surrendered to the first minute has become who is who where I am who is this weak link second pen two dumbbells che dong [music] and a new trading house [music]
  • 07:54: a backs smoothly and where to wave began [music] The inner core of Laura suggested that already 30 seconds passed 2 1 dumbbell body at the beginning so badly knows
  • 08:34: [music] natashechka delay [music] look what see how to work a tendon bill here ambassador forward delta rear delta straining 30 cause it's what it is A hand must be tightened and without dumbbells and achieve [music]
  • 09:05: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Well done not on not I must fall and stand up and pull the handles for head
  • 09:35: lokotochek on yourself about the end we see today they paid attention to everything dad and dad upper back zone and arms and back spend a lot on yourself calories hands not much new spring-summer hands beautiful and useful but have you will have to discover the people the taste you made in winter show you ran to the point went out to do something and 2 get up and the second one comes up and slightly
  • 10:06: we will change the direction we remember the dry-33 dry jelly for a hand to be beautiful need to change the amplitude movements of the spatula and intestine once two three here we will now first 5 full warm-up take 4 or 3 kilograms per head for line 30 seconds unbend the main head triceps work [music] inhale exhale inhale exhalation
  • 10:36: 30 seconds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Th Though is 20-30 s what does this give a before [music] breathe out inhale exhale four five six seven eight nine 1011 1213 straight For them, Nastya ducks the amount Lida as well as 20 general 27
  • 11:09: 28 29 30 were detained at right angles we still hold it, but not everything just to keep hold Lidochka feeling tension from captivity and triceps now isolated hands do not work hands generally join the hull and so It turned out that the body constantly helps Our hands here you can yes you can legs
  • 11:40: just do it while you keep poprisedat Well done, they let go of we take one dumbbell from a girl of one dumbbell we will stop on a position which we stood on all fours and now we are working on our triceps under Look at all corners when you become you can deploy me while palm showed with the edge of the palm straightening the right arm would you fucking palm up and palm down and it turns out all from all sides
  • 12:12: work out all the triceps and yes give so 30 seconds for 30 seconds The palm up and 300 seconds palm down and all the tufts are beautiful and your comma on the hand appears 20 points of the lid on the species socks graduated from the course of higher mathematics so she told us the date excuse so let's analyze with the edge caribu there palms start let's go [music] by rib for the time being you work changed
  • 12:52: palm upward humerus still motionless on a palm turned in ceiling and so we work if you are bored yourself router dial us on the Internet recruit anne curcourin, we are always around with you we will look after you we will force you work because we are not just we say, we also do, in contrast to of many
  • 13:23: have changed and now palm in not the most heavy bundle to the weakest undeveloped a bundle on the triceps ladoshechki down looking and feel how hard it is under if you have have some questions look at TV screens dial this number to call and there are very many questions we simply do not may not always succeed at once by us want but wait it can plates we so it was changed the same way repeat to the second hand we will certainly try them early or
  • 13:53: late anyway tweaks so be always with us is not even a way to go here with if we were afraid of the connection will prompt that you want to be healthy so do it something for this first start at least practice and go second pucca the coat of arms there has forgotten where palm upwards second beam finalize the second pen that was all the same symmetry so that we do not want
  • 14:23: as slaves to know one side and the right The left handle should be the same as the rose when you start changed the last third of the bunch for that you were symmetrical always start with hands that are weaker if you're right-handed to start with your left hand if you are a luxury then start respectively with the right always start load from the hand that is weaker just like the attacks and squats we start with the foot that we have more relaxed thanks for being with we hope you will be regular to yourself understand this need the days for me it is necessary It is necessary for you as said info and
  • 14:53: Petra in my rise and become be happy [music]