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How to Remove Shellac (gel varnish) in house conditions!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon Today I'll show you how remove shellac in home that we have for this It needs a foil which the manufacturer sliced here such slices I took sponzhiki ordinary sponzhiki drawn on four parts removing the remover I took shellac special agent nail polish remover or gel lacquer but some use
  • 00:30: ordinary acetone then brush do not care sawing or already orange stick each use Different companies shellac if you have shellac removed very difficult nails can be Ci in advance for So before the ulema nail file and zapilivaem a topsheet Here I take a little kick abrasiveness 100 100 it is not very tough
  • 01:00: and very weak here so here about I zapilivaem nails not zapilivaem I will because I use firm stehen die shellac, and so she well removes I at once konjic dial liquid I drive a little bit on nails and wraps funk as you wish any envelopes here So
  • 01:32: I wrapped in foil walls optics we are here and so plump that's can be pressed to It is tight and leaving somewhere approximately 10 minutes have passed Ten minutes will start shooting and So pack foil or orange stick or here to me convenient but so
  • 02:02: So you see it cannon already raised shiva and we remove the remains shellac like this slightly not much presses on the nail remove the remains here so slightly pusher all remnants of shellac Here we are in rented we have turned nogtiki seen that even a little shellac It was possible residues remove shellac nail file if many
  • 02:32: Now this rate It takes just a little zapilivaem sawing I will show the same teeth as done and then all nail I polish bafikom Now take Basik 320 320 but here he is medium hardness Well I love you so You can select any and just like that here grind much everything
  • 03:03: residues to the nail It was so sweet There was nothing on it like this about dust can be obtained here so brush here are clean nails we get after remove shellac cuticle q can be a little grease butter and nail plate too
  • 03:34: this is done so that the feet and nails slightly moisten and cuticles because q She then buffs little dryish and so after washing a little dry here rub the way of nail plate and for cuticle That's how we obtained following watch my videos how to give shape nail plate
  • 04:04: a manicure at See you soon