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Как вялить и сушить рыбу в городской квартире

Как вялить и сушить рыбу в городской квартире  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi people channel viewers without Bank today I decided record a video try to merge fish and I at home as there is no dryer in apartment about weekends went to fishing caught a little bit yesterday here is the floor now we will
  • 00:34: wash paste matches and hang on drying this way here there it and massage to look still stealthily what do you want to fish you was tasty with extraneous smell be sure to remove gills are not cause of poor smell of fish or there bad taste quality with
  • 01:04: be lazy to strangle do it with I'm pliers of the Myrdal principle adapted normally fast then then when the jackpot so taxes on a chicken I put everything on so but in As a dryer I will use dried them only for linens this is just the here the effect tore off and I will
  • 01:35: massages with fish I'll try to show all I get it one-handed operation Cuba Th that does not work cs went now what
  • 02:05: it turned out in a day she will be already cured ball through two through three that is, the ball from the weather already dry, you can will try I will take off all four days the rest of the video well here two days have already passed
  • 02:39: the fish is dry look take away the dry Here and so you can go for beer everyone thanks