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Yoga in a bed | the Evening "Сладкий сон" complex; | Yoga for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Katerina Buida Today I'll show you how to relax after a day's work or just heavy busy day as the so relax to sleep was sweet easy and calm and to the next morning you feel Freshness and energy for all subsequent days let's start
  • 00:30: underlay for most convenience I was taken under the small pillow we find sciatic bones sit on their knees to the side foot cross relax your feet pens palms on knees stretch crown up
  • 01:02: straighten shoulders now let We will focus on our center it is a little below the navel quite slightly to to remove we need to stress start breathing put one palm tummy another gaga
  • 01:32: Well cage straighten shoulders share crown up find sciatic bone let's make a sudden Nadu tummy breath exhale through the nose through mouth pull up to the navel thoracic spine cell does not move families are three times suddenly had
  • 02:04: even inhaling and exhaling We took all makushechkoy up and one more time respiration handle open side and put his hand on knees circular motion
  • 02:30: shoulders back 1 lap a long time is not smooth slowly shields and the same four movements forward slowly smoothly through time a good range of two feelings like disclosed shoulder joints 34 I rented in voltage shoulder and the handle neck
  • 03:03: are Now take off voltage with an average back pulled stood gently and smoothly pulling behind a pack of Breathe evenly quietly smoothly back and the other side, too, The same can be done few breaths
  • 03:30: also I used abdominal breathing and inflate the stomach and breath is blown away yet once one breath and are drawn by hand Intime and you back handles so female hands take suddenly tightens castle to his species hustle chest cell and back palm push forward
  • 04:00: ears strive be between the shoulders shoulders little stretch pectoralis major cells of the eye palms Poland feel like exempt from tension in the chest spine back tsipki great fingers to shoulders pen in hand and
  • 04:30: Now the opposite hand palm colleagues' down dish smoothly He comes up for themselves and We are trying to see bed and the other the country's shoulders slumped let's take down three breaths deep and three exhale inhale and exhale
  • 05:01: pale inhale and exhale more breath also take exhalation perfectly and won pack of color a deep breath slab deep breath eyes and exhale slowly and suddenly twist
  • 05:33: inflates the abdomen and pulled to exhale spine and more again inhale and exhale again personally handle translate forward try breathe out such sound
  • 06:00: a wee bit liberation of freedom Now after twisting hope you feel freedom in the lower back ease lumbar spine we now handles We push forward ischial bone and I remain on the suit pillow and we carefully We go down on his elbows and pull the waist even more are drawn
  • 06:31: crown forward gently rocking shoulders and cost country freeing the lower back and All year back voltage try to keep back straight, and if you can not You can not fall elbows and hold Now this situation and move gently and quietly It is an undulating let's movement
  • 07:01: try to get along with ducks breath exhalation inhale exhale more and Rights thick and Another great if I have an opportunity cam to cam and go down if such the possibility of not Keep on elbows
  • 07:31: If it is difficult elbows throw in bundles hand and held in this position attack you You can move so to find some areas tense and slightly in order to move pull stretch muscles and give your muscles Rest is such a easy stretch breath and calm the end you can
  • 08:00: descend on an elongated position 4 4 breaths exhale breath through the nose and out through your mouth and another breath exhalation breathe again It was also
  • 08:35: and gradually return excellent Ray goals legs together if you hurt sit in the lotus position if you strongly clamped and the joint or you have some sort of no injury opportunity to sit in this position you can sit just pulling
  • 09:01: sepia legs like this way if kolenochki not let you all these lights on the heels of the price you enclose yourself pad right here between the thighs of the game needs and calf muscles you sit here so the game You are doing all the same most twisting and the same oblique
  • 09:30: training and go back is now following an exercise try to do today according to plan unobtrusively because now our goal to relax release tension muscle and get strong and sweet dream we go down already run
  • 10:03: cover by oneself lot and you raise a brow all in a box We take a deep breath through the nose deep breath through mouth gently lower Stop this bucket
  • 10:30: the opposite grab kolenochki and look rush finger and take lightweight twisted feel like pulled thigh how to relax lumbar slabs at the expense of the department twisting breath deep exhale through the nose through mouth
  • 11:01: inhale exhale through the nose by mouth twice more inhale through the nose and departure you four times and carefully return hundred leagues laid wash
  • 11:30: tightens to itself spoon hands tightens arms pace yourself and We hold this I strain my position chef the waist to the left Bed close all of by abdominal muscles deep breath and deep breath lowers his head to bed and pulling both
  • 12:02: you can inhale more and smooth exhale and another breath through us and you through carefully tightens Anichkov himself speech and and the need to all the same with the other leg hitch currently my leg do
  • 12:31: exhale breath curling we turn for tass mud the opposite side try keep shoulders downcast when here pulling view for hands and fingers breath smooth exhale you can also turn a blind eye
  • 13:01: respiration and you my house Go back to the leg code you you could even xiii hands grip the mountain
  • 13:30: We hold this We try to position reveal fever hold on inhale a good press and a good breath gently smooth omit God on the shelf length Repshe a few breaths and exhalations shoulders freely inhale and exhale
  • 14:00: all of a sudden and floating spoon to attract the wolf Me and does not fall the loss of years to feet themselves suddenly good and good disclose kolenochki hand connect the foot
  • 14:32: palm omit to the inner side hip stretch crown in one pk side of the bed packs thick morning try to small of the back He fell flat on bed and it position of breath abdominal tummy breath to 4 accounts breath 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 smooth
  • 15:09: breath 1 2 3 4 and 23 hours before you inhale through the nose 234 exhale through the mouth name han two three four
  • 15:30: breathe again I would like this and one more time together with me cape because of this, the skin is not we reveal a little leg wider than the glue feel like forward to the whole I sat down on the bed
  • 16:01: stormy hip joints disclosed rather Feet unfold the palm up book stretch the crown and coccyx given all body in length persons in this position keep breathing They live just watch
  • 16:32: breath more breaths the better with every breath of every breath you freed from voltage study I will relax disclosed
  • 17:27: and and