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  • 00:00: hello my name is Ekaterina continue to work and today will be pattern of cowards and so in general that concerns knitwear then all kinds of shorts T-shirts and T-shirts sweatshirt sweater A very good option is to get a deuce by why do you have an old product? Because you this thing is already there you know how it is on you are sitting and you can always cut it into components there's a bit of trickery there I'll be this show here is to scout for the components
  • 00:30: parts and trim these details here you know as for you it is already a thing sitting and you can as if well, if something to push away all as if by a pike command in my opinion khotenju as in a fairy tale the pattern is necessary it will not have to retake something and magazines or to study some techniques and to build a pattern by its standards can to order what they built there standards in suramar have to be applied
  • 01:01: efforts and the least of these efforts is make a pattern on ready-made solutions for the experiment I bought here cheap panties from fix price list question Th buhoe wear 55 Rubles Bills' What can I say, I went through there's a whole bunch because they're all curves we are probably so they are there we are were because they are curves but let's say so in order to do a pattern of this is enough, well, again these pants are some kind of
  • 01:34: do not fasten normally does not cost anything it is so 5 wash and then deplorable The spectacle so here are the panties in order to make a pattern I've produced the album sheet is such here in length that there is a need for a piece of paper length of my favorite paper scissors scissors necessarily coal with a right angle and let's say it's better to make sure of a pattern such a thin marker or with a pencil
  • 02:04: to be seen I will be here with such a felt-tip pen, and you necessarily something subtle to the bottom there was no thickness of lines and so we will Cutting mercilessly, so first we cut the allowance of fresh allowance here and so there is nothing directly with scissors do not cut the sides in Asia and cut off the other side I think to me all video I 'll probably take about 15 minutes
  • 02:36: put 15 minutes that is, what is good is this way, you will admit in America somehow and understand how these you even if here are new ones for order to make a pattern you understand that they are too broad for you narrow will be your size about what someone needs higher do here likes a low landing there is something to push off unlike
  • 03:06: the moment you build a pattern Does perry shoot it because it's the same an unpredictable moment no one knows coefficient of stretchability of jersey no one does not know what is laid pattern coefficients and such a trash themselves do not know how much a raise of the hall resident turnover ubavki very it's difficult so 6 liza them gum simply and cut off from set aside it is so abstruse it may sound well a really good way to work
  • 03:40: it's easier here so here with scissors groin site one thing up to a certain limit for which purpose in order to she here and so evenly evenly at us on our surface decomposed if someone does from their own well most likely from some old stuff well and and after you are gum that's these for cut off and you need to teach a little bit iron it now here that will help the same remedy
  • 04:14: While cutting I will tell here we will admit the same option with a T-shirt yes you have T-shirt for example they need a pattern T-shirts mean take your cut old t-shirt I also think about it video sti Well, in parallel you need to reason and so let's say the situation I have T-shirt, she's not all good, well, somehow I undressed in the hips and something we had there became cramped in this T-shirt
  • 04:44: let's say I did not like the neck sits something in my neck cuts mean What you need to do is outline details after this than add a little bit of throat deepen it will be at least as it was but so all the same magazine buy a pattern before them or for example download and print out from there there is your wardrobe
  • 05:14: You can always find the thing that you can sacrifice here I cut everything off the last gum where the gusset we are licking will not be to then not works here is our little panties deployed form and so it turns out so long a long story in half here it is important to look well, of course not cut by a flooring and not cut in priests sewed too very quickly well how
  • 05:45: we all wore it well peresnemy simply then check some point and that's it. means here we have an average seam average center so here we lay out the edge Our leaf here to travel and will to then not mate
  • 06:16: To verify and on the sides here it is necessary will reconcile the line show how and here such as this is how I'll reconcile this all you need will be generally if you are building a pattern for myself, I'll say this to the teacher about This says books are written but usually those people who are now learning to make a pattern there is mainly a focus on than press a toggle plus 0 5 or 0 7 and how could I not forget it but the grammage
  • 06:46: lines for some reason do not concentrates on this attention the students I'll show you, so here I put it up more or less even begin to enter by first such dashed lines Because it still has to check and now see at once see what skewing is a skew in the cutting was
  • 07:17: the truth is somewhere in the middle so we circle if you are now these cowards tried to stretch out somewhere on the leaves paper nothing good you it is not ended up there would be a lot errors and so I 'm about led and there where is the gusset tiled it Here the supply of diane was
  • 07:48: collected now we begin to check and so where to look where there should be direct Angles immediately sign and front half is the back half fold fold and so where does the first one look here? two to three centimeters should be
  • 08:18: direct and then a half centimeter but still the beginning of this line is the right angle further here end of the line and there for us here there where ends up and God begins here is a small area all the same straight and not that is on panties can be let's even say that these are directly Right angle then I'll show why and how I'll show you how to move on with other things
  • 08:48: Further here we look to check the line was a direct look here at me somewhere 7.3 a strange number is likely to be 7 here we go, that is, panties too may be higher or vice versa deflection but still now we have here in This case for these panties straight angle
  • 09:20: literally the first few tips here also a right angle and we talked there 7 centimeters all brush why so if there will not be a right angle then I will not there will be two seams now where we have gusset fold and right angle now we start to cut but not all at once
  • 09:50: here by the way then it will be necessary to add on the allowances well, I hope also all in frame will be and so we cut I see, I see cut, then I still have to remember allowances back in the same place we had
  • 10:27: I cut off the rubber band so nothing I got out cut out the front half of this front half must attach here back on the side seam dock and see what I get here I I look that it turns out look here here due to the fact that their own line is here smoothly and here goes like it should to be, but due to the fact that here directly here you can directly see the angle at the tan
  • 10:57: Even if we had here right here so docked with a spout it would be necessary then overlock cut years incorrectly or on the contrary when here such here goes deepening dimple well where to here sew because it does not fit even if the line is such a concave convex to begin here a sharp angle here stupid but still with the pairing you need We were good at checking here, but here does not mean here a variant either
  • 11:27: here to choose here she or here I add an option From here you can choose a little bit so that this one the part became smooth here I have a very thick wit so the line turns out so fat
  • 11:57: I'm uncomfortable on it will cut if you will work like this here thin a marker for you all will lie all this Cropped cut backs even now cut out will leave me immediately show that
  • 12:29: do if you want to do panties are deeper or Spout and steel is too small for them or panties somehow that's small, now take another one of the papers we'll see is yours the first blank is without allowances principle, therefore , it is possible to cut and To add allowances to fabrics, you can
  • 13:00: principle the first time and need if you are satisfied with this option that you can make yourself a template let's say the same immediately with the allowances to write something with clinches so back to the fold like were and will now draw allowances and so up let panties if they were small someone likes their high landing someone Low if the panties were
  • 13:32: small, then we must understand that we add a half-centimeter to pritachivaniya rubber bands, let's say one and a half centimeter I will add that they were higher I've put two centimeter further on grinding on the side seam add a half centimeter on grinding gusset too I add on eye already
  • 14:03: add half a centimeter then can not measure add a half centimeter now as if the quota would circulate this line as it was and here here so it is possible spouts dorisuyu the same sex centimeter on gum stitching came on just gore applying here add a half-centimeter and that add
  • 14:34: also for snooker, you can take a hull it's all and then all together neatly under liquefaction draw here they are still half a centimeter why do I put it in the butt so that here then at the start of the saw so it did not work out very often it seems like it was found exactly and then from lack of a servant
  • 15:05: further here we lay out also the floor centimeter here at the top I remember added about half a centimeter I wanted elastic braces It is necessary if the lower we make more Low can be here now in the tank Add if someone is young narrowly Steel can be here that push it , that is
  • 15:35: if the grandson cuts himself in the legs at the bottom of the pants wear means here push the spoon on the floor touches we have the basis of which then we are coming back to get new or who is half a centimeter god pretty here here so comparing here already there is nothing to go and I draw here a tank and draws spoon and here it is not necessary
  • 16:09: left to sign and open a sample thus there is a pattern of panties I have shown you now except as a we cut our panties and here it is she ready pattern yet showed you how to dock these parts so that you do not have did not get one more details more others
  • 16:39: Less and showed how to harness lines to the side and generally how to match all lines that is, if you even draw a perry take a pattern even though you build it yourself it is very important then to add its details which you got and see how there lines with each other meet smoothly Is there no problem there at all ? I finish this my video and I hope it you were useful to everyone I wish success to all goodbye goodbye