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3 Magic the words which are fantastically changing our life

3 Magic the words which are fantastically changing our life  See details »

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  • 00:00: three magic words fabulously changing Our life is two magic words which can change your life beyond recognition this word is enough and is worthy and so why is sufficient we constantly have something not enough is not enough
  • 00:30: money is not enough love is not enough attention is lacking self-confidence and so what if instead of dwell on limitations start thinking about prosperity The universe is a god or life as you are more like giving us something what we think more about throughout the day simple practice exercises I live in
  • 01:01: Sufficient try say to yourself I have enough love what you feel when say so feel joy begins rise and here you are already happy sorting out I have enough money from me enough health I'm loving enough I have enough happiness with me enough joy
  • 01:32: can play with it as you wish I have enough free space on road for drivers I have enough beauty to be sure confidence in me is sufficient creative energy in I am enough self-control and confidence in their exclusivity play with this word any way be children and feel that in fact
  • 02:02: you are in abundance come up with this a wonderful affirmation and repeat or hang on visible spot The disadvantage is not for you you have only too much now the second word worthy if we do not have something means this to us unnecessary or we consider ourselves unworthy of this often means
  • 02:33: the same scheme above we repeat to myself is worthy of love i worthy of money i is worthy pleasure tenderness and love I Worthy to have a car I am worthy of my beloved and loving me man not worthy of everything the best best wishes life repeat for now do not believe this and then start through a
  • 03:04: and another magical thank you word unlike thanks and what is the difference this topic was is sufficient popular couple of years back when everything suddenly decided to abandon use the word thanks and for the reasons in when the devil was overthrown and their flew into the abyss then begged God to save god but Mr.
  • 03:36: it was no longer audible many began to consider word thank you checks are not a curse on all kinds of Vedic tribal and Slavic sites appeared the statement that it's almost tool I cite the enslavement an example from here thank you form of gratitude from in response to good deeds save god but can be an insult to
  • 04:08: of the author because the rescue God's children do not need themselves create their own destiny in difference from horns god but nail when peasants say thank you to them answer please that is, perhaps 100 rubles for saving children of God to insult thank you answer neither for what is not for
  • 04:38: that you save Slavic arias expressing their appreciation for something they say thank you thank you I give you good and in answer is pronounced on health that is, went to you on health there is no word thanks and there is thanks words by thanks a there is thanked that is the word thank you is imposed recently and
  • 05:09: if you read though that neither be from the Russian flesh literature twentieth century practically no one there is no artificially imposed thanks for encodes on slavery Slavs are not slaves of slaves Do not we any word or expression can be interpret in its own way, for example In this case, you can say thank you g imagine
  • 05:39: However, due to known influence words per dnk rights special sensitive probably really need adhere to thanksgiving an excerpt about kind always speaks the word thank you then you give thanks and yourself and everyone others word no thanks it works thanks thanks ha in itself is not present save fear in yourself for
  • 06:11: god this is for you thanksgiving then you give good themselves and others and save this is your fear Save and save it for church Christian rite dark Christian game only thanksgiving revealed from higher the essence of light precisely thanks for the gift а что что вы feel when
  • 06:41: say the word thank you and thank There is a difference and what of them prefer to tell my experience very much changing when you go to thank the place thank you level awareness and of energy increases and it turns out that paid thank you not it turns out without internal thank you
  • 07:12: always mark this probably because of this features words to thank thanks and was a replacement made to level of awareness and the potential of people knock everyone down already it is known that reality multidimensional opinion they are multifaceted here only several facets do not It is worth taking them for truth in the last instance for true infinitely and
  • 07:43: each level consciousness its own picture world and level information processing our task is to separate our from ours always feel its internal response with what according to your soul either mine information autonomously we wish you success of daily practices and self-monitoring that your life is already today has changed
  • 08:14: since you want that you were happy live well be worthy of everything the best and thank everyone for all instead of thanks write your comments are not forget subscribe to our channel here for you always interesting and useful information All the best