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Strawberry jam without cooking of berries, the Gipsy prepares. Strawberry jam.

Strawberry jam without cooking of berries, the Gipsy prepares. Strawberry jam.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Strawberry jam for this I need a kilogram strawberry clan sugar and 200 grams We will cook water jars 5 6 jars about It will be necessary for us and so we pour out the sugar in a pot or a kazanok Vodichku left and we send to the stove now you have to melt the neat How to boil for 15 minutes no more than
  • 00:30: boil as a boil add 2 grams of glasses acid lemons a couple of grams is not more so wait until the boil you will prepare a strawberry while we have sugar there will dissolve boil boil we prepare strawberries more strongly cut a large muzzle in half like this on a smaller can be left so simple cut the stems and all this jam we will not speak unusual strawberries just pour the take three times with syrup in hot sugar , that's all, and so
  • 01:02: all the strawberries will cut this jam call and strawberry syrup with this a small jar can be in winter in three-liter jar dissolve there will be compote ready that is we are cylinders 3 liter not occupied with compote fastened sugar send a couple of grams or rather two frames citric acid well and or good a pinch of everything was mixed now waiting for famous for about 15 minutes no more time is about 13-15 minutes about this time
  • 01:32: it is sufficient that it dissolves and boiled and reinforced well that's all here's how you see we here are about this as artificial honey is cooked all not digest and now we remove from heat and prepare naturally for me heat-resistant dishes so I took they everywhere can take a saucepan and fill this with our hot syrup. strawberry that's how we 'll let it stand until she will let the juice off for about a minute
  • 02:03: 15-20 is the first time and for the fans strawberry cold syrup will quickly become let the juice we have it back through the colander we will salt a saucepan and back for boiling only the second time the lessons of 5 will be not 15 minutes and 10 minutes so you see our a strawberry to cook on a table and here so this is how we make strawberry jam strawberry, we ourselves berry him arima not boil this way, we at least any and we save the vitamin so
  • 02:33: I think it's God knows what we'll save but the beautiful color of its region is here You see, I wanted to show this juice Strawberry and you have it on the table and so we prepare jars of my jar well gone merge naturally Anatoliy drushlag I can demos drushlag to merge this here is gray about the opposite casserole Strawberries are already well tolerated as you can see directly you can compote Well, all now wait a little while
  • 03:03: a little bit more will cool down and prepare I washed the jars of a can as I said cap of thought five minutes under the boil well, and jars Here's how you see poured water on a little tramp 50 years of rule microwave note 10 so you mean we sterilize the jars thus all drove the microwave cover we pro boiled now turning them over towel so do not rub anything Do not wipe just turn on a towel it all flows while our
  • 03:34: jam cooked anus it's time to get ready for everything in advance do and so pour back into the same caste people and 5 or syrup washed do not need anything drain the syrup pan through a colander neatly spoon do not touch anything not me strawberry will be syrup on fire such thick as caramel this is normal this the number of the Xiao brother's cabinet from the court to the liquid the syrup sent into this thick because we had dishes was cold
  • 04:05: of course, so immediately przcilla stiffens nothing terrible pour all back to such and often everything will boil and collapse disengage this is not my it's all we with opel syrup are here we will be the fifth strawberry syrup hot from hot syrup is all will melt away and such a hoard and remember the first time I saw the map this caramel flows a second time This will no longer be because in the second once the public and syrup together blends with syrup and sugar rather thick
  • 04:36: caramel miller all this we stir with syrup with strawberry juice more correctly explained in general he understood it all moves with strawberry juice here and so we send to the stove now it boils for 10 minutes I no longer digesting syrup saying 15 and the second already once syrup and cook for 10 minutes all adequacy remove from the fire and give 2 seconds to Foam settled and immediately flooded with this boiling syrup our strawberry 2 times 3
  • 05:07: once already we will pour in a jar pour to break this here this way strawberry Here's how you see the color so beautiful bright syrup rather handsome this turned out now all there now is dissolved in the sides of the hero of sugars someone more faithfully caramel froze what for all this Dissolve melt if you can spoon I'll take it and move it there if it's absolutely want them removed from the walls and so skippy telesi jars we have in the microwave
  • 05:39: welded we turn also on towel drain the water from the beads and all and let them stand by that minute twenty-thirty while our jam it will be fully cooked this strawberry put twenty minutes and back merge the syrup into the same bonfires as boiled syrup all you save a podnizom already such caramel we do not just flow ordinary juice poet that's all now boiling 5 minutes no more boiled up there for us 5 should not be left behind
  • 06:11: we for this time 1 of 5 minutes to lay out Here is this strawberry jar on the decomposed We lay out on jars more correctly put on the floor half pack put everything enough I will make a couple of strawberries the other three cans say so more will work all over our did not stay syrup juice from strawberries pour the same syrup hot boiling and now it's all washed and back we'll pour the dishes here that merge back all five
  • 06:42: minutes in boiled for no more than five minutes we remove the foam now well because we already in a jar fill in foam not should be quickly in the pace of shooting so as not to cool the syrup back I do not pour as if you are in a jar, these are all children sit like well and now hot boiling with this syrup poured already in a jar Strawberry and close the lid that is, the third time we fill hot boiling syrup already in the bank
  • 07:12: here and so if you feel that syrup quite life in Kiev seems so but boil not five minutes and seven to eight minutes, that is, do not drink 5 still need to not be digested and all so that we have a good syrup It turned out here is a penny here is a jar with jam or syrup as you can call I do not know what kind of tee for me is syrup children call jam but for yourself decide the truth in the winter open the fragrance there is no such thing as wrestling here this jar diluted suddenly liters
  • 07:44: Cylinders will get compote in winter it can on the cake can be useful you from the dead fixed vomit cakes are bred in already water and for example, biscuits, well, here we are flooded after not two jars from me more strawberry orchestra jars outside more force field specifically deal crochet for this modem and children will jam Well jam My recipe is ready to be left under the video in description yet under video in description ssylochka on our family channel come
  • 08:14: subscribe but as you can see my jam is ready, I leave on the table for 3 days then I'll clean it up in a normal closet in the kitchen . and the entire site for a long time as usual jam is an ordinary jam just us Berries did not cook here and all thank you all for comments for likes and wishes [music] who liked to put the likes
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